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Whale Tale

It all started when Yarndude posted his Blue Whale.  It was an amazing creation of complimenting and contrasting knits and purls.  Desire came to the fore and off I went in search of the pattern, which was just out of reach.  It was February and the pattern would not be published date until April.  I waited, checking the designers page every day in April, and then one day, there it was...mine for the taking.


Blue Whale almost turned into my Moby Dick but, I refused to be Captain Ahab and let this one get the best of me. From the get go I had troubles, all mine, as per usual. If you make this incredible work of art let me give you a tip. Go through and mark (highlighters are great for this) all the make ones (left and right) in the pattern, don't leave any of them out and, also, make sure as you knit you "make one" on the correct side of the marker (markers are a must).

Now, dear knitter, do not think this shawl is difficult, because, the truth is, once a textured section is set up knitting across the row, there and back, is effortless. After I started the first section twice (must pay attention to ALL make ones), the seas calmed and the sailing was smooth.


The most fortunate part of this whole experience was the yarn, received as a gift, which happened to be dyed as if to capture the depths of the sea.  (String Theory's Caper Sock, color Slate) The celadon greens, earthy browns, stormy purples and muddled blues, created a tonal eddy of color. The MCN creates a sheen even the camera lens could not defeat. Not even my miles of frogging daunted the quality of the yarn.

As the ball of yarn grew smaller and smaller, I knew I a storm was brewing and, instead of taking heed to check the yardage, I just knit on, asking for trouble Into uncharted waters I sailed as the waves grew heavier. I am not good at due diligence and, as I've said, all the troubled seas were of my own making.


With only 4 rows of a 6 row border I knew, by the very small ball of yarn, binding off would be a crap shoot. I nearly made it to the end (15 stitches short), but was too disheartened to take out the border and start again.

I felt as if this poor shawl would end up to be nothing but a rag.  It poofed and pooched, with the top border looking puckered and haggard. I was so unsure the shawl would be worth blocking. It looked more like a drowned rat than a beautiful, elegant shawl. Knitting is an act of faith and I confess, my faith was wavering.


I should have known better, should have kept the faith as this it was not a white whale. Swimming in a sea of suds gave my whale new life. Its metamorphosis was almost instant, as the drape of the yarn infused new life into the incredible design. I tenderly pinned her into shape and set her free to roam new seas.


Stunning she is in her new glory.


I love it! It was so worth your troubles!

That is design genius and a knitting masterpiece. And, it looks great on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's wonderful, the colors and the textures are great.

It is stunning, Margene! I'm so glad you stuck it out and tamed that mighty blue whale! The yarn is just perfect.

It is beautiful. I love it - love the construction, love the color, love how you wear it!

It's so pretty. Love the photos (particularly the last one) and your tale!

Ach, I was holding my breath as I read. I just LOVE happy endings !

15 stitches... I would've been shaken my fist at the heavens!

It's absolutely gorgeous - I LOVE the shape.

I too like the construction a lot. Your yarn is perfect. I've just finished spinning something that would be perfect. It would also give me the same rush knitting the thing as I'm not sure that the yardage would suffice. ; ). What fun!

Beautiful - love the blue and the shading!

It's beautiful, and the yarn is absolutely perfect for it (and fabulous on you!)

I tried to write this comment this a.m. on the Android. What a mess, and it never did post. Annoying! But anyway:

What did you do with those last 15 stitches? It is beautiful, and so are you -- have you been working out again? You look marvelous!


Beautiful! I love the color and texture.

It's beautiful, Margene! I'm glad there was a happy ending. The color of the yarn is just fabulous.

Oh, I REALLY love this shawl! Well done and kuddos for sticking with it!

It looks beautiful! I had no idea my Blue Whale was what sparked you. I'm knitting with some String Theory right now and the depth of color really is amazing.

So beautiful, and the colors and yarn are perfect for this design. I'm so glad it all worked out for you after all of that.

Just gorgeous!

Whale is truly beautiful. Sometimes things in the universe are just meant to work correctly.

Beautiful and perfect. Well done!


SO pretty! I'm blaming you for "making" me put this one in my rav queue.

Thanks for making me giggle with the whale tail idea (spelling be damned) - I wondered what the post would be about for a second...

She is stunning! And I love your story about her.

Such a perfect color for you! Very elegant and worth the trouble.

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