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Celebrating Summer

See That Sky!

So far, I'm batting zero in the Summer of 2011 KALs and SALs. I added the sweet little buttons to my side bar in the hopes I'd actually be participating. However, nothing, but nothing is working out except Project Spectrum. My world is crazy busy at the moment, but even so, I am a sky watcher. Project Spectrum in July means BLUE! Fortunately my world is full of blue and it's no wonder blue is my favorite color. Look at that sky!

Much of the summer looks like this (or slightly hazier), but days when the skies are most interesting are the days when clouds dance by in their varying shades of white. Sunday the clouds painted the sky with dots and dibs. It was a spectacular display of white on blue.


I'm an early morning walker and, as the morning light appears, the deeper shades of blue start to brighten. Monday morning (5:00am) Sunday's puffy little clouds encircled the nearly full moon like a lei and the moonshine turned them a cherry pink. I stopped in my tracks to stare and enjoy the unique beauty of the moment. Sadly, I do not carry a camera at that time of day.


This time of year the sun crests the mountain peeks just as I'm heading to work. When clouds defect the sun, catching the light and absorb the rays, the reflected light is especially impressive.  I know a day that starts out this amazing will be a good day.


The blues in my world do not consist solely of the sky. You could say I'm well grounded, as bare toes are a summer must and my after hours uniform is a pair of blue flip flops and a happy blue t-shirt.

Life IS good, especially when it's blue!


And, such lovely shades of blue, too. I have yet to complete one sock in the Summer of Socks 2011. So sad. Happy Thursday, Sweetie!!!!!

Love the toenails;-P

Cute shirt! I think I'd love one of those, too ;)

Gorgeous blue skies!! And spiffy toes. :)

You do have the BEST skies over that mountain of yours. :)

Life *is* good!! I love a crisp, clear blue sky... AND a sky filled with clouds! (Ack! You've reminded me that I need a pedi!)

Ahh, you have such a way with "the blues'. I'm not scoring much on my KALs either. I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one.

I'm really a champ at frogging, though!

Love your blues, Margene! I think of you whenever I see a really spectacular blue sky --- or when I see cool blue "things" (like your t-shirt).

Here's to continued blue skies!

There's nothing quite like the blue skies of your home!

Woo Hoo!

Ya know, you're doing just fine for Team CrankyPants. We expect you to take care of yourself and shit. Spinning is totally optional.


Wonderful that you get to greet the day by visiting with the sky each morning!

I LOVE your skies!

i love being able to visit my mountains here :)

Lovely skies. We have had some too, not that I've taken any photos. The lens fogs up when I take the camera outside

Beautiful Blues. Thanks for sharing them with us, Margene. I wish you smiles today!

Too funny on the red feet comment you included. Nice flipflops!

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