My Day
To Shawl or Not to Shawl


That is stunning. What a fabulous way to start the day.


Oh you morning people!


Gorgeous! I hope it's the start of a wonderful day for you, too.

Oh! Breathtaking! What a treat to start the day!

Sunrise, my favorite time of day, always takes my breath away and never fails to amaze me!

Good gorgeous morning!!

Absolutely amazingly beautiful! (There are no mountains in Wisconsin, so I must live vicariously through your pictures!)


So very beautiful. A perfect start of a Saturday. Oh how I miss the southwest skies!

Looks like a great colorway for socks. Or a shawl...

A day that starts like that is a very good day.

1. You take the most amazing photos
2. Where you live is incredibly photogenic.

You lucky thing...

I hope the beauty of this sunrise followed you all weekend long.


WoW! heart catching beautiful!

Stunningly beautiful!


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