Whale Tale

So, I Sewed

A few months ago I made a pair of PJ pants and after finishing (what I thought would be a one time sewing project), I couldn't bring myself to put the sewing machine away.  It stayed in the dining room, close at hand, with intention stuck to it. What did I feel like sewing? Did I feel like sewing? 

Last summer Suzy and I talked about sewing skirts, but I never could get excited about showing my legs.  It's been years, seriously years, since I've worn a skirt.  Crop pants I can do, but a skirt didn't float my boat.


This year I talked about skirts so often Suzy and I finally decided to go for it.  She make hers first (although I still haven't seen it) and, a few weeks later, I finally followed through. I won't say sewing is fun, but it is rewarding and I love the finished result. Sewing is not about the process, as knitting is, sewing is a product driven task.

The pocket was the attraction to this pattern, Simplicity 2224, along with its "Easy to Sew" label.  Thankfully, it was, sew easy.  The sewing machine is still at the ready but, at the moment my intent has no goal and I await inspiration. Maybe if I went back to the fabric store...

(I tacked down the pockets as they were rather poochy.)

Yes, yes, that is Blue Whale.  Next week I'll share more. In the meantime you can check it out on Ravelry.


What a great picture,Margene! And ypu bave no excuse to not wear a skirt more often. Cute pattern. I used to sew and have a machine that hasnt seen the light of day,tho I think about it a lot;)

Nice skirt - it really suits you. My sewing machine is stuck in my craft cupboard along with about 6 lots of fabric waiting to be cut out and stitched. Unfortunately, it's behind all my spinning stuff so I need to be really keen to get it out. I need a room, not a cupboard!

The skirt is adorable and just the thing for summer. Great job!

You look great! Those are some awesome pockets. I feel the same way about skirts but I really like that one, maybe even enough to go look for the pattern. One step at a time, right?

Skirts are so much cooler, too! I don't wear them often, either, but I think it's cause I'm lazy. But, you look good in it, girl! Work it!!!!!

Quite cute - very fun - and perfect for summer. WIN!

Your skirt looks great and is perfect for the summer!

Perfect pockets to make a knitting skirt!

Oh, how cute! Ali's been sewing up a storm -- dresses, bags, even a pieced quilt top! That on top of online inspiration (I know, I could just click away...), it's all just making me itch. So I've borrowed some books from the library, have visited the fabric store a few times, bought some thread, and even looked at a pattern & some fabric that I've had stashed for a couple of years! It'll be happening soon around here.

Funny, the sewing bug has bitten me too. Unfortunately, my sewing skills are somewhat non-existant. The self proclaimed 2 hour skirt took about 10 hours for me. It took almost 2 hours just to cut the dang thing out, thanks to all the gratuitous help from the dog and cat. Really, laying down right in the middle of the cloth is not helpful!

However, the end product was good. Not quite ready for prime time (yours is much better), but more than adequate for around the house.

The next skirt has been cut and is awaiting assembly this weekend. After that a simple top.


With legs like yours, you should wear skirts more often! That's a cute one, by the way. I've got the fabric all ready to cut out for a summery tiered skirt, myself, but I have to make it longish to cover my poor little stick-leg, the result of that fracture. Keep up the sewing!

I like your skirt, too. And I personally think there is no point in any clothing that doesn't have pockets. Even pajamas. LOL

It looks fabulous!! Now, what to sew next? :)

It looks fabulous!! On the VERY rare occasions when I wear skirts, they have to be about capri length, or my legs look freaky.

Pretty and very becoming! I love it!

Oh, the pockets! I love it, Margene! In the summer. . . I live in skirts. For some reason, they just seem so much cooler to me than even shorts. I'm going to check out that pattern. Inspiration hits!

Margene - you look great in a skirt! The sewing bug must be going around lol! If I could just figure out how to sew and knit at the same time........

I agree with everyone - skirts are so nice and cool for summer. And yours looks great!

Wonderful! And the Blue Whale? Wonderful x 2.

Wonderful skirt AND shawl! I'm going to sew myself an old fashioned apron or two...when I can pry myself away from the knitting. :)

I feel the exact same way about sewing. Congrats on a beautiful skirt! It is adorable, and you look great in it!

The skirt looks great! And I'm with you, skirts must have pockets :)

I need tio sew more. My crafting time has taken a hit lately. Looks good!!

Well done!! I have to admit that I love sewing almost as much as I love knitting. Your skirt is lovely!

So lovely!

Nice skirt/shawl, too.


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