Celebrating Summer
Sunrise Saturday

My Day


waking at dawn
walking in the early morning light
blueberries for breakfast
working (hard) in the garden
picking green and purple beans,
squash and beets
seeing a garter snake dart away
feeding the chickens lettuce from the garden
gathering a dozen eggs
braiding and bringing home garlic
putting my feet up
drinking ice cold water
looking overhead to see dragonflies,
feathery clouds and turkey buzzards float high above
hearing the tickle of windchimes
rereading a favorite book
listening to a thunderstorm, wathcing the downpour
loving the sunset


Oh my,,, sounds like a perfect day off to me!
Have loads of fun.

That is a beautiful description of a day that included hard work and relaxation - the perfect kind of day!

I love these little verses! :-)

This has me smiling on so many levels, what a glorious day!

Sounds like a fabulous day!!

Totally excellent!

Sounds like a perfect day



Sounds like a perfect day to me!

Glad I missed the snake!

A day of poetry! It sounds delightful!

Paints the perfect picture of a perfect day!

I didn't read anything about whiskey? :D

this day sounds so very good!


So good for the soul and the heart. Hugs, dearheart!!

Beautiful post, Margene. Thinking of you and sending my love.

The definition of pure bliss!
I'm very happy for you!

What a wonderful record of a mindful day. A true inspiration.

Love the photo!

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