My Blue July


Last week was cloudy, gray, and humid with only spots of blue sky here and there. The only evening I could sit on the patio and look up into blue sky (with puffy white clouds) was Wednesday and I took full advantage. As I sat there, enjoying the warmth, Project Spectrum popped into my head and I ran to grab the camera. My favorite blue is the sky, any shade of sky from dawn to dusk, as long as it's shades of blue. I'm ready for summer to cough up blue skies again.


I have been derelict in my duty of showing the skyline. There was a time my camera was a constant companion but, I've fallen out of the habit of carrying it around. I will try to do better and I'll try to blog a little more frequently. I love my blog peeps, my friends, and I don't want to go away (not at this time). Things could still get dicey from time to time but, if I plan ahead a little, blogging may be doable.


As it turns out, everything on my needles is a shade of blue.  The long-suffering Pyromania has been hidden deep inside my knitting bag.  I haven't put in the time to start the stockinette leg, as the side detail has derailed forward progress (due to the age old mental block).  Knit will happen.

Blue Whale is hot off the needles, but OMG! I ran out of yarn 15 stitches before the bind off was complete! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?  I admit this happenstance just about defeated me, as I was already thinking this scarf was an endless project.  Looking in the stash for a suitable yarn, to finish the last few bind off stitches, left me totally deflated. BUT, when I saw the little sock bag, tucked inside my knitting bag, I knew, KNEW instantly, Forever in Blue Jeans would save me, and it did.  Thank GOODness! Show and tell later.


There is one project I've been knitting without full disclosure. My Blue Mondo, the Profundo Azul edition, has been growing in fits and starts but, dooode, it is growing and I'm loving its depths of blue with hints of sea green. 

July has the possibility of becoming my blue heaven.


So many gorgeous blues! Here's hoping you have lots of blue skies ahead. :)

It is all beautiful. All the blues. The sky. The knitting. I don't care as long as you check in. We tend to worry when you don't;-P

I love all the blue! :D

Your skies are nice as always and all those blue projects make me happy.

When I read about the yarn shortage to end the blue whale a thought pop into my head: why not finish it with a contrast color and declare it a design choice? :)

Have a lovely blue week.

You could feature that new blue thing that we are both wearing and loving :)

Hmmm. Suzy's being cryptic.

Um. I am at the right blog???
; )

I never tire of high desert blue skies. There is no blue to beat it.

The knitting is lovely. Blue Mondo is going to be a favorite; you can tell already!

Happy week, Margene!

All your blues are beautiful but your blue sky with your mountains is the best of all.

Woo Hoo!

Love all the blue.

Everything you're doing looks just beautiful to me. I'm using a commercial yarn that tries to look like homespun. I'm struggling with the bulky barely spun bits. It'll come though.

I think about you every time the sky is a beautiful blue here in Michigan! Your blue knitting is divine. Here's to plenty of blue-sky days for the rest of July!

Absolutely *love* your view, and the blues are wonderful!

15 stitches. FIFTEEN. Good save.

Love the socks!

So many lovely shades of blue!

Oh, I would have cried! So glad you found yarn to bind off with! Love all the blue!!!

I so miss that blue sky and those mountains! So glad you are still blogging....it's one of my few connections to Utah and that sky and those mountains. Hopefully, one of these days, I (WE!) will get back out there. Thanks for the pictures in the meantime. (I have to tell you that we worked with a music therapist in New York last week before a particularly difficult appointment for T. One exercise he had us do was to close our eyes and "travel" in our minds to a special, safe place, etc. When he brought us back, I asked T where HE had gone. He went to the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. I went to Delicate Arch in Utah!)

Wanna see the Whale! Was it as much fun to knit as it looks?

Why am I not surprised that all of your projects are blue?! I love that you have colors that mean so much to you, because I am the same way.

And I love your. Sky photos. I don't always comment on them, but if I had a view that gave me su ch beautiful pictures I would take them all of the time.

Whew....you HAVE been posting! I am playing catchup on your blog. :-)

I love your Pyromania socks!!

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