The Rain Stopped
My Blue July


Once upon a time I was a (almost daily) knit blogger, which means I would show off my knitting progress day by day. Of course others part of life were included here and there but, the main reason for blogging was knitting and, while it still is, and the vast majority of my readers are knitters, more and more other parts of life have taken over this blog. That or days of silence.

July is a month that takes my breath away. It's usually too busy, too full of obligations and opportunities. July is hot, sometimes steamy hot, and it is full of fireworks from one end to the other. July 24th is when Utah celebrates the Days of '47 (1847), also called Pioneer Day, with parades and more fireworks. Fireworks are not good if a dog is totally freaked out by them and we have an upset dog every single day of the month. It’s not a happy time, for him or for us.


July brings harvest time to the garden with lettuce, onions, garlic, peas, radishes, even beet greens, carrots and squash! The summer has come on strong now that it’s decided to show up. We have trouble keeping up with it all and, here we are, already thinking about fall crops. If we want a few more cool weather crops, the end of the month starts the fall sowing season.


In midst of all the July celebrations, BBQs, and gardening, there is knitting. Progress is slowed, due to mentioned activities, but knit happens. Oh yes, there is another fly in the ointment. The sewing machine is still sitting in plain sight where it calls my name. Add in a new obsession with skirts, and here I am trying another sewing project.  The skirt has cute pleated pockets and it's made from brownish cotton (darker than the picture shows). It's nearly finished, as is Blue Whale also in the picture.  Knitting the last few rows, with a rapidly disappearing ball of yarn, is an act of faith.  Sewing, celebrating, sowing and knitting...I am breathless.


My intention is not to make you feel guilty but I do miss you when you don't blog much. I understand about being busy, though, and I'm glad you are filling your summer with things you love.

Glad to hear from you whenever you post.

What Carole said. But, it is wonderful to have other interests, too! Besides, as long as you come by once in a while, I'm good;-P

So, sow and sew on! Just look at the results! Knitting weather is sure to return!

Happily, there's so much . . . life . . . to live. And July seems to hold it's share of life! It's such a treat to be able to juggle multiple interests and activities. I can't wait to see the brown skirt -- the fabric looks divine.

Fall crops! I'm wondering how long your growing season is.

It's all good. The sewing, the garden, the knitting, and the busy-ness. Everything but the frightened dog.

You need to do what you need to do! If we see you less, we'll appreciate you even more (if that's possible) when we DO see you...
LOVE the skirt.
And wow do I remember what harvest season is like....

Ohhhh Margene I love the skirt fabric! And the knitted fabric. I'm also infinitely jealous of your gardening. I've worked so hard to make a garden in reasonable locations at this house - larger than a flower bed but not in the middle of the sunny back yard either. It just never really worked. Tho I'm not done brainstorming on how to make it happen either. :)

I haven't the slightest idea how often you are blogging (tho I could check!) .... I'm so busy with the shop and kids and home and flower beds and church. Thanks for the update and photos and for letting everyone know that you are happy and healthy and blessed. XOXOXOXOX

At least you still knit! Unlike say, me. ;-)

Breathless, but hopefully having a lot of fun too! I love the blue/brown combo in that last photo.

I know how you feel. After a while, blogging one's life on a multiple times a week basis gets a bit old. It's good to see you show up when you feel like it....have a great July if I don't see you again :)

The skirt fabric looks great! Now I'm going to feel guilty about that dress fabric sitting around upstairs, waiting for me to do something with it.

Have a great month! :)

And the kitties sympathize with your poor upset doggy. They don't like fireworks, either, although it was so hot here Monday night that they were too sluggish to care.

I love it when you talk about gardening!!

Poor little two Dachshund brats bark at the fireworks! They also bark at the hail. Love the Blue Whale. Jo

So sorry about the fireworks/unhappy dogfaced boy, not many of them enjoy the booms.
I've really been enjoying seeing your garden goodies, they're beautiful and so yummy looking!
Lovin' the skirt fabric, looking forward to seeing the whole skirt :)

Life is to be lived and, in July, there's a lot of it to do.


Well, I have been wondering what you were up to since there hadn't been any posts in a while. So glad to read that there was nothing to worry about - just that you are busy enjoying summer life. Happy for you! Just don't forget us.

Sometimes, being busy is great when it mens you are doing things you love. I enjoy seeing garden pics, the mountains (any time of the year!) and knitting, of course. Sewing, too!

I feel bad for the boys, scared from the fireworks. Hopefuly they will be be back to themselves soon.

It's all good!!

I have a mocking sewing machine as well. Luckily we don't get temperatures anywhere near as hot as you so I can knit on through most weathers!

I recommend a thunder shirt for the dog. We tried and it really helps to keep your dog calm during anxiety attacks.

I LOVE the seed stitch in that yarn! What pattern are you using for the skirt? I'm thinking I may need a couple...

This is the first time in 14 years that my dog has survived the fireworks with any grace...but that is only because she has lost her hearing in the last year and is almost totally deaf!

I've been following your weather lately, as we plan on hitting Salt Lake at some point to look at colleges with our oldest girl. RAIN is what I see for you. Great for the garden, but I'm sorry if your suffering humidity!

Sewing? Skirts? Show and tell?

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