Shear(ing Day) Fun

The Sun, The SUN!

The sun has been playing hide and seek and we're a little sick of the game. Over 10 feet of snow still sit in the highest elevations and every river in the state is headed for flood stage as the temperatures wearm.  It’s a damned if you do, damned it you don’t kinda year.


CuratioRav_linkredyarnball was a lovely cure for the gloomy mood which had descended with the never ending days of gray and rain. The sunny color helped lift my mood and the easy lace kept my focus enjoyable and light. 

Knitting with Kim's gorgeous red, New England Red, and the luxuriously soft Pearl yarn felt like I was holding the summer sun in my hands. It made me feel gloriously warm.


Curatio's architecturally constructed lace is uncomplicated and unique. This isn't a lace you can become complacent with, as the design may seem straight forward and simple, however, it actually a case of simple elegance.  Kirsten has many little tricks that keep the lace aligned, strong, and elegant. Between the yarn and the design, sat a very happy knitter.  Curatio single handedly cured the gloom.


Beautiful, Margene! I have a gift certificate to Woolen Rabbit, and have mentally spent it several times already. Each time I read about one of your projects, you give me new things to put on my list!

It's gorgeous and a great combination of yarn and pattern. It's turned to summer here and I hope it does the same for you soon.

What a glorious color! "Hello Mr. Weather? See that color? Take the hint!" Summer vacation starts Saturday, and yet we have thunder showers and temps in the 50s today. Maybe I need to knit a cheery shawl! Yours is beautiful!

Wishing you much sun soon! Perfect marriage of yarn and pattern! Love it!

Beautiful! Gah... what we wouldn't give for ONE INCH of that snow here.

It's such a lovely shawl!
And if only that silly sun would stop playing hide and seek...

That is simply beautiful, girl. I cannot imagine the concern everyone must be feeling because you simply do not have anywhere for that water to go. Here's hoping summer/spring/dryer arrive, and soon!!

Lovely cure indeed! :)

This spring has been so confusing. But there is no confusion about that scarf, it is fab.

Oh that's beautiful, and the color is divine.

What a pretty shawl! I can just see that over the shoulder of a young lady in a Jane Austin or something like that. And that color! Wow, so pretty. Nice project!

Oh, it is absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous color. Definitely a day-brightener!!

Beautiful! Perfect cure for weather-blues!

So lovely! That Kirsten really has a way with lace.


I love what you did with beautiful!

Yesterday it was sweltering hot and humid here and today it is a beautiful, windy 60 degrees...perfect!

Curatio is stunning!!

Hey, that sounds like our weather - we have rivers back at flood stage, too. And things are really bad in North Dakota, along the Missouri. Both our flooding rivers and the Missouri drain into the Mississippi... as if they don't already have enough flooding problems along that river...

Beautiful shawl! I really like the color. It is hot here in IL, so maybe summer will arrive in Utah.

You keep adding to my Ravelry queue. :) This is so lovely, and in a fantastic color. Bravo!

Ah, between that glorious red and the design it has taken my breath away with the Beauty!
This has been one of the craziest springs ever, wishing you more appropriate temps and I hope the water stays within the various rivers banks.

Lovely knit - both pattern and colour! I have done Curatio twice and Viola - another interesting lace design. I am tempted now by Hammelis. Kirsten does some wearable modern designs!

Beautiful color and pattern--great combination. Like a little bit of sun and warmth made from yarny goodness.

That is just gorgeous! In the past, I would have considered that shade of red "too orange," but not now -- don't now why! And the design is great, too - my queue is filling up with Kristen's designs.

I absolutely LOVE that shawl! And I always like your reds a very great deal - even though I'm not a red person.

That's a perfect blend of yarn, pattern and time of year, I just love it! I know how you feel, although it is almost summery I still feel beat up by the winter. Wishing you many more warm patio days!

It's lovely. Weren't you the one to suggest that clever name? Seems that would make it a perfect project for you.

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