Got A Life

The Rain Stopped

...and the veggies came on big time! 

Friday night, and Saturday morning,we spent quite a bit of time in the garden and I thinned the carrots, cut the garlic scapes, thinned the beets, and weeded my already miniscule ass right off.  It was exciting to see that recent rains have not dampened the gardens desire to grow goodies!  There are little peppers and baby squash, as well as blossoms, and bees, and peas and, and, and! It's quite exciting.(Sorry I didn't get a picture of the beet greens.  They were young and delicious.)



See the baby squash behind the blossom? 
Growing a green and beautiful garden is worthy of Project Spectrum's June selection of GREEN! Right?


It's all so beautiful and bounteous!

How wonderful! Lovely to look at; delicious to eat. . . and, as a gardener, so very, very satisfying! (Also perfectly Project Spectrum GREEN!)

Right! In fact, those colors are perfect for ANY Project Spectrum!!!

Green -- in every sense of the word!

The veggies love lots of rain and then SUN - that's when they really pop! Great photos!

I bet you can almost hear everything growing now. :)

All looks wonderful! Great photos.

Great photos of your bountiful produce! The squash blossoms remind me of the cheese stuffed fried squash blossoms I made Sunday night. Oh so yummy!

I wish i had a garden half so wonderful!

All I have are peas.
If the tomatoes don't produce, I'm afraid I'll have nothing else at all.
Guess I'll have to rely on the kindness of friends. ;-)

What a bounty! Our garden is behind yours in a big way - not a squash blossom in sight. We did have strawberries and were excited to pick them, but they were GONE! We discovered one of our cats has been stealing them. Who'd have thunk it? Stay cool!

Woo Hoo!

The young are so often delicious. ;^)


You and Smith have become quite the gardeners! It looks healthy and lush!

All we've gotten so far is radishes and broccoli, but peas will be soon. (Our garden is running hideously late this year. What a ghastly spring we had...)

It is ALL Beautiful!! Look at all the yums and those colours!! xox

I LOVE SQUASH!!! What a lovely blossom and if you have a baby squash (and I DO see it) that means you have BEES!!! YAY!

Summer feels so comforting, even in the heat this weekend. My garden is suffering a bit more, with all the vagaries of the weather. Time for some compost tea applications!


Yum! The bounty of the gardens reminds me of why we have summer.

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