Pickled Spring
Does She or Doesn't She

Spectrum Perfection

The weekend weather was a mixed bag of clouds and sun, but temperatures stayed in the mid-70 range, just right for patio time. I sat in patches of shade to read, knit, sip a bit of tea, and completely relax.  The sky was beautiful at all times; the sunrises, the sunsets and every hour in between, as clouds wove colors of gray, lavender, pink and salmon through the shades of blue.

Sunrise Sunday

Last Sunday, thunder rumbled and for a short time rain danced in the streets, but the weather never quite forced us in.  The occasional, and short lived rain, covered the hosta leaves with pearls and freshened the air.


The greens of the natural world feed my soul, the jewels left by a summer storm a crowning glory.



Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

Oooh, lovely! I love the colors and textures of hostas, always amazing when wet!
; )

Our roses are budding. Love that spring/summer is finally saying hello! Your hosta looks so healthy!!

Love those leaves!

The sunrise picture is gorgeous!

The weather must have made you very happy it made you so poetic, lovely! :)

Beautiful, poetic descriptions. And a hosta leaf not eaten by slugs and snails is a rare sight.

Gorgeous photos!

I'm so glad you had a beautiful weekend.

And, what a spectrum!! Is that a hosta?

Sounds Just Right, Margene! Just Right.

water droplets on leaves are definitely one of my favorite things. rain drops on windows too.

Ah, summer... would we love it as much if winter were easier on us?

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