Pickled Spring

You May Be Surprised

The truth is, I have a favorite green. It's sharp, springing and some would say, poisonous. My embroidery teacher used the term "poison" for a color that would change the viewers perception of the colors around it.

This jar is the first thing I thought of when Beverly asked if we could share our favorite red or green objects and, since declaring my dislike of the color green, I thought I'd surprise you by sharing the only green object in my house. 


This jar is not only my favorite green object, it's one of my favorite objects period. The color, the relief on the sides, the fact that it was given to me by a friend, and that it's a jar...every bit of it gives me a lift.

You may not be surprised to learn I have a lone skein of green yarn. Just one. It's in was a kit for a pair of socks I have yet to knit. The depths of the color green Kim achieves are glorious, even to an eye of a non-green lover.


That's it...there isn't much green in my daily life except for flora, my favorite style of green.


The jar is lovely. That sock yarn, though, is not really very green. Just sayin.

I, too, love that "poison" green. (I always call it "acid" green.) That jar is so cool. I can see why it brings you joy.

My brother used to call all my green stuff, "Grabber Green!"

Love the jar! Thanks for sharing it!

But you do love green.... you just like to eat it, is all.

The jar and the skein are both beautiful. And anyway, if you don't like green, it's all good... more for me. :)

And tea... don't forget green tea.

I gravitate to certain sagey greens, but kelly green? bah! The jar is wonderful and timeless. A great place to keep green tea?

That IS very cute. Is it a tea canister or something?

green being one of my hands-down favorites (especially where they meld with blue), i just can't imagine you not liking it! i don't wear it unless it's drab army green but, my home is full of it. and plants! so many amazing greens. Margene? :)

great jar!

Ah, poisonous green - refers back to that New Orleans favorite, Absinthe. It was a favorite of writers and artists, and fondly referred to in French as "la fee veret", the green fairy. Included in its' chemistry was thujone, which was dangerously addictive and psychoactive. Absinthe was banned in the U.S. by 1915, I believe.

-just a rambling from south Louisiana

Cute jar! LOL about your green yarn - I'd call that barely green... which is maybe why you like it? :D

I love deep, jewel tones of forest green. Yum.

Nice green things

"Making poison is as much fun as making a cake." - Margaret Atwood

Thought I'd share one of my favorite quotes of hers! That jar is lovely!

Both the jar and the yarn are ones I would 'pick'. They are exceptional. Still, I am surprised they are your favorites! As a green lover, I'd have to say I'm pleased you have them! There is hope for you- ha! Actually, I wonder how far this green thing goes back. Is it 'always'?
That green Cleite Shawl you made a couple of years ago was one of the most beautiful shawls ever to my taste!
I have a thing for bowls and cups and to some degree any containers, so I think I can relate when you say how much you like it for being a jar.

I once knit a scarf in a color I called " poison apple green" and th at name has stuck. I love those sick greens!

And I have a skein of silk lace weight that reminds me very much of y our green....can't tell exactly what color it is because it changes in different lights.

My favorite greens are: spinach, spring pea, asparagus, swiss chard, parsley...
(but your jar is beautiful!!)

Love the green! Such a pretty little jar. I knew there was a little green in your life somewhere. ;^)

Amazed to see anything green near you.

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