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My intention was to post at least 4 days this week, but life, my life, got in the way.  Nothing major, nothing urgent, just living and doing and being kept me from the blog. The garden is a big draw in the summer months, but the weather was frightful on Sunday! Over an inch of rain fell in less than 24 hours (can't believe it? check out Steph's blog) and, it was cold enough we turned the heat back on AND, I had to wear socks again! (And, if you want to see how much snow is still in the mountains check out Cheryl's pictures--and her fabulous new shawl.)  Holy macaroni!  Anyway, we decided to go on our annual movie trek.  We saw the new Pirate movie, which was fun, but being in a theater also renewed our understand of the lack of desire we have to sit confined with 100 strangers.

Monday the weather was beautiful and after work I headed to the garden.  While Smith planted and tended his darlings, I did a little weeding, and then walked over the check the neighbors strawberry patch*. How's this for June's Project Spectrum color?


There is so much potential in this little strawberry patch and, while the birds (robins) eat their fair share along the edges, betwixt and between, the intrepid searcher can find many hidden gems. 

Since I was quite intrepid, we had plenty of the little jewels to eat with a bowl of ice cream. Finally, or so it seems, summer has arrived. Everyday has been beautiful and warm since since the longest day of the year.  Thankfully.


*The neighbor is out of town and gave me permission to harvest anything and everyting. We've enjoyed lettuce, peas, beets (baby beets from thinning the plants), as well as the strawberries from his garden. 


Yummy looking strawberries. Ours are all gone but I think we'll get more from our CSA this week.

I just picked up 8 quarts of strawberries yesterday (a bonus option from our CSA), and I'll be . . . dealing with them(!) today. Yum! I'm so glad more summer-y weather has arrived for you. Socks in June? No fun!

Gotta love a community garden!!!! You know that posting once a week is entirely fine. It's so hard to find the time to blog when you're outside working and playing. And, that's my story, too! Hugs, grrlfriend.

I have a very nice neighbor, but when he is out of town all we get to "pick" is his mail. You are very fortunate!

Now where exactly is that yummy strawberry patch?

Yummy fresh strawberries!

It's 55 right now and raining. More rain later. *sigh* I can't remember the last day it didn't rain.

The trick around here is to get the strawberries before the slugs, snails and/or birds get to them. It's an almost impossible task!

Oooh, I used to have neighbors like that. I miss them!

We had the lettuce last night - it was delightful! Thanks!

Yummy berries! Summer flavor at its best. Live on!

Nothing better than fresh picked strawberries! Wished you lived nearby. I'd share my garlic scapes with you.


Ya know, if you weren't busy having a life, you would have nothing to share with us. ;^)


Since the advent of Netflix stsreaming, we rarely go to the movies anymore. There is something so much more pleasant about watching a movie in your favorite chair, being able to pause it on demand or watch something else without being out twenty bucks.

Lovely strawberries! I can't wait for the snap peas to come into season in my friends backyard. Bringing home what we help harvest is one of the best parts of summer.

Gardening is a happy pastime in the summer! But oh, Cheryl's new shawl is so pretty...

It really does seem like 2011 has been quite a weather year.

I think I might need to knit one of those Kate shawls, and I think I need to spin the yarn for it.

Mmmmm...I lurve the strawberries. I have been enjoying them a lot lately.

Mmmm, strawberries! The week is not over yet, and even if you post 'only' twice a week, that is still 104 posts a year.
That Kate shawl is so pretty. A friend and I have been drooling over something similar in a shop. It was cashmere and waaay above out budgets, and hey presto: here is the solution. We can make it!

Beautiful strawberries! I am just starting a strawberry patch this year. Hoping to find a garden baby sitter for my vacation as well. Life is an excellent reason to be absent from blogging :)

The strawberries look wonderful! And it's been cool and rainy here in Iowa, too, but not so chilly that I had to turn the heat on again.

Isn't it amazing how the more things you have happening in Life (and hence more blog fodder) are the very things that prevent us from posting?

So I am at work, late, taking a break before diving back in....and tried to click on the link to Cheryl's post. I got this message from the blocker at work!
"Based on your corporate access policies, access to this web site ( http://cabledsheep.com/wordpress/2011/06/20/fo-ubiquitous-kate/ ) has been blocked because the web category "Criminal Activity" is not allowed."
Ooooh, criminal knitting. Yet I can see my blog with its yarnbombing pictures....
Well, when I get home I'll check it out. We have had much rain, and cold, and early strawberries, too, but no mountains with snow here in the Midwest!

Love the communalism. Nothing like those red jewels sweet on the tongue.

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