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When was the last time you saw a bit of knitting on this blog?  About two weeks ago I posted a finised project, but haven't talked about "in progress" knitting for quite a long time.  It's easy to talk about knitting when there is something to share, something to see, but I'm a little at loose ends and can't seem to settle on any one thing. 


Sweaters have been started, swatches of a couple more are in progress, ideas for other projects are churning, but nothing feels settled. The sweater, which now has a sleeve and part of a body, doesn't feel right...there may be a size problem, but I'm not sure! Swatches lie, but Summer Tweed lies more and knitting with it is always a crap shoot. Maybe I'm not in the mood for gambling.  Swatching for other sweaters as created an even bigger case of indecision. I'm at knits end or wits end or something.


The one projectRav_linkredyarnball I had on the needles decided to not play nice. Actually, it's all my fault. There was a bit of hubris at the beginning because I did not read the pattern correctly. Much frogging ensued. The scarf/shawl forgave the hubris and we are now back on track. At the moment, continued growth of this project is the only certain thing in my knitting bag.  (Well, that's not quite true as I also have a sock in progress and when I give it quality time, it grows, too. Just very, very slowly.)


I haven't shown knitting in progress on my blog either. The Vivian sweater is too big to work on in the heat and the socks I'm knitting are for Dale's birthday. He doesn't question what I'm knitting so I can sit on the couch and knit away and he doesn't know they are for him but if I put it on the blog then he would know and I can't have that! So, no knitting on the blog right now.

You have other fun stuff going on this time of year..enjoying the garden, Chickies and the change of weather..sometimes knitting is just a winter sport..and that's OK..Never think you have a quota to meet..that takes the fun away.
Enjoy and have a great weekend!!
Sending love~

Dianne is right. The garden is calling right now and knitting (although a major life supporting endeavor) is not as enthralling during gardening months. Besides, Millie and the girlz need you and Smith more!!!!

Some days I wish I had more than 1 or 2 things on the needles. With the flexibility to pick up "whatever", rather than the deadline stuff.

I like every single one of Stephen West's shawls.

So you have this, that, and the other...nonetheless, looks like knitting is going on.

My knitting has been like that pretty much all year, too! But. . . it's a process. Sometimes, we don't have much to show for it -- but it's progressing all the same. All in good time, my friend, all in good time.

There's been knitting on your blog FAR more recently than on mine! ;)

Oy! We're in a similar boat floating on the doldrums. I have two different socks for two different people needing closed toes (AND these are the second socks!), yet they sit. I have a sweater at the arm decreases sitting. I am only enticed by the shawl (Batik), and that is still one row at a time. I think my knitting mojo has been sucked into the June Gloom. On the other hand, my yard and garden look very nice! I'm sending whatever knitting vibes I have to offer straight to you!

It's a busy time of year!

At least, you still knit. ;^)

I hear ya! I have 3/4 of a sock that's turning out too big for the recipient, and a prayer shawl that's going OK, but I started about five of them before I could settle on something. I'd rather be in the garden.

I have the same project on the needles and mine doesn't play nice either,,,,

Sometimes the knitting is like that.

I decided a very long time ago that I wasn't going to fill my blog with WIP info. While there are some great bloggers who can make that sort of info interesting,there are also lots of them who can't...and I knew which crowd I would fall into! That's why there are so many posts on mine about other things - focusing on the knitting only when there is a FO, a periodic workbasket update or some other interesting tidbit.

It will gel out. Didn't know that about summer tweed. (Still want to knit Chamomile some day.)

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