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Millie is one happy grrl among a bunch of happy chicks. 


Their winter was as hard as ours but they still gave us daily eggs.  The chickengrrls prefer to be fed fresh lettuce by hand and, while eating, they'll allow you to give them a pet.  A winter of being cooped up has left them a little skittish, so I'm trying to spend more time petting and loving them.

The weekend was a mix of beautiful blue skies (lilacs!) and ferocious thunderstorms.  Spring weather continues to be mixed up and unsettled. Between storms, and despite the cloudy days, we spent time planting and tending the garden.  The chives are on the verge of popping their tops.

Chives inthegardenblog

Last fall we planted garlic and it growing well, along with a variety of onions, though wind, rain, snow and hurricanos! 

The garden is alright, it continues to grow and soon, very soon, we'll have something to show for the hard work.


The girls look so happy to see you! Glad to see the weather and garden becoming spring.

Your garden is progressing in spite of your weather. I guess I'd better get to work on mine because our weather hasn't been nearly as quirky as yours.

Now that things want to grow, I need to get in there ahead of the grass and the weeds. (Frankly, my dear, I'd rather knit!)

I love your chicken pictures and it must be fun to feed them and pet them. We're supposed to get rain ALL week. Where are my warm sunny days???

You may not have harvest, but you have alot to show!!! I'm so glad the girls overwintered well. It was a tough one!!!

Millie makes me smile this early Monday morning!

Love , love your chicken girls! We're getting socked in with rain all week! Not great for moving Middle Child out of a college dorm 5 states away. Enjoy your sun!

Such pretty grrls! Do you share the eggs with everyone in the Co-op or are certain chickens assigned to certain people?

I had never before noticed how pretty chives are. Love that shade of purple. Plus, tasty!

Beautiful chicken grrls, and your onion bed looks wonderful!

My garden is still in its infancy. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if any of the seeds I've planted will ever germinate, it's been so cool and rainy. My garlic, on the other hand, are incredible as ever. I'm very much looking forward to having a huge harvest of scapes this year.

What great photos! Yes, this has been a hard winter in the west and an unsettled spring. Glad to see the grrls and the garden are both ready for a fine summer.

Great photos of your spring things!

Isn't is wonderful to see things growing again? What a terrific gardening spot -- with the Chicken Grrls and everything. Can't wait to keep up with your gardening adventures this season.

Woo Hoo!

I'm sorry to say I think there are more storms coming your way. It thunder stormed most of yesterday here and there's talk of more to come. :?


We love chicken-sitting when our friends go out of town. Fresh eggs are the very best.

The feed stores and mcMurray's egg shippers can't keep chickens in stock. The demand for backyard birds has increased some several hundreds percent! Hi Millie! You have friends everywhere!

I love seeing your chicken grrls! I would love to have a few here but the zoning laws don't allow for it.

Your garden is looking lovely!

Chickens and garlic. Looks similar to my blog. :-) Of course, yours isn't photographed through unending rain. Vermont has set a wettest-spring record and still it pours.

Hey, I just noticed for the first time that you have a knitting tip included in Stitch n Bitch Nation. I'm a few years late to the party.

I love your garlic and onions and chives garden!!!!

And of course I love the chicken grrls. It's quite amazing that they laid all winter. You're lucky.

Love the chicken pics! We're currently in negotiations with the neighbor over chickens. It's explicitly forbidden in our CCRs, but we figure if we get neighbor buy in, who's the wiser? Your girls looks thrilled to see some sun! Happy weekend!

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