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Spring is in the Air

She's here, spring that is, she's finally here!...with her sky of extra-ly beautifully blue and the trees are greening, too.


While wending my way home from the grocery store (big involved intersections during rush hour, or any other time for that matter, must be avoided at all costs), I was rewarded with a view of this exuberantly pink tree. It fairly glimmered in the bright sunlight.


Rain is forecast for part of the weekend, but we hope for the best of Spring to stick around awhile. 

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ahhh, blue sky!

Spring has brought us more gray skies and unprecedented flooding here in VT. For the past few days, I'm glad I live on a hill. My garden is even producing some asparagus and more greens!

Gorgeous tree! They are all in blooming in their full glory around here, too. It's my favorite time of year!

Your good weather bodes well for my future! ; ) We're actually having a lovely spring day here, too, and you can see it on everyone's faces!!

Amazing colours!

'bout time!

Oh, lucky you!! I'm cautiously optimistic here. :)

Oh, that tree! It's stunning! And against that gorgeous blue sky? Wow! Spring just doesn't get much better than that, does it?



I'm so glad spring has finally arrived!

Beautiful colors! I'm glad spring has sprung for you. It is on its way here, although it seems to be dragging its feet!

Your colors dazzle, but I really have sunshine envy!

Isn't it fabulous! I am not supposed to be outdoors much because of my allergies, but I just cannot help myself!

You really do have The Bluest Sky!

The colors near you are fabulous. Our Spring has been marred by pollen and rain but here's hoping for some blue skies. Never quite as vivid as yours though.

Oh! Breathtaking, isn't she? Thanks for the plug:)

Ah, for once we are farther along in a season than SLC. That tree! It is beautiful.

I'm very happy for you to have Spring!


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