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PS5 - Red!

The minute Lolly posted a reprise Project Spectrum, I knew I was in.  And now, it's MAY, time to celebrate the return of Spring with something Red!  This time Project Spectrum will be stress free, totally into inspiration and fun...playing with color as the main attraction.

Like Vicki, I hope to do some dyeing, natural dyeing, perhaps and there will be photography, cooking, sewing, knitting and anything else that strikes my color fancy. This is the merry Month of RED and kick of Project Spectrum with a celebration, I pulled out my trusty sewing machine, circa 1970. (Is it an antique yet?)


She's stood me well all these years and, even though it took an epiphany to remember how to wind a bobbin, she's still working well (it's me I'm not sure of).


Finding needles for this little puppy, procuring fabric and pattern, washing and drying said fabric, took most of Saturday. All I really want, and what started this whole sewing thing, is a simple pair of pajama pants, no elastic in the waist,  no pockets, just plain cotton pj pants with a tie.

I've pulled out the very infrequently used shears...


...and my favorite pin cushion.  Ready set....


Great color choice and fabric for the pj's. I am intrigued by the bowl the pin cushion sits in. I have a set of soups bowls that look just like it that my mother gifted me years ago. You wouldn't happen to know the maker would you? Some have broken handles and I'd love to get more.

Pajama pants are the easiest thing to make, although I do prefer the elastic waist. I hope it's going well! And yes, let's celebrate RED, our favorite color.

I cannot wait to see them. Aren't you a clever grrl!

LOVE the fabric choice! May is a perfect month to celebrate the beginning of a new Project Spectrum. Can't wait to see the projects unfold. (What a charming pin cushion, by the way.)

Most excellent -- now why do I think you've started a trend :D

Oh I hope that sewing machine is not an antique - it was "born" the same year I was! I am in awe of people who can sew - I've tried and failed more times than I can count.

A splash of color is certainly what this dreary spring needs! Loving the red!

How fun! I love the PJ fabric you picked. Hm.... I might have to find time to get my machine up and running again and join you!

Pajama pants are awesome!! :)

Awww - I love it all. I think I have the same sewing machine. Love the Margene tag in your pin cushion. Such a happy post!

Oh, that's just FABULOUS!! And RED!! It's been ages since I had my machine going. Can't wait for this FO.
; )

How fun!

I love watching YOU participate in Project Spectrum. Such fun!

Maybe you will inspire me to get started on my dress... though I'm sure it won't be for a couple of weeks.

Happy sewing!

YAY!!! for the RED! Love the fabric and oh my, LOVE the pincushion!

that's the cutest pincushion!!

Fun, and the pincushion is adorable!

Red is such an awesome color to start Project Spectrum. I love the fabric you chose for your pajama pants.

Oh! this is so exciting! I am thrilled that you are in for another year, M~ :D

Margene... I have the same machine. I love it. Had to replace a cam about a year ago and the bad news is that the Bernina factory burned years ago and they no longer make parts for that machine. However, I di find parts online (after market, maybe) and it was fixed to new.

Vintage, my friend. The word you're looking for is vintage. Trust me. I was made the same year. ;^)

YAY!! for you ...you clever thing!!!
Great choice for pj's!!
My first time in Project Spectrum...it's all too exciting....and in my part of the world we are heading into winter and need some RED to keep us warm!!

I was hoping your machine was a Kenmore. I'm sure I have needles to fit a vintage that I replaced several years ago. Like you, I hated to do it, but love my new one too.
Also love your pincushion! You are so clever.
I am most interested in the cup you gave Cheryl. Could you let me know where it was puchased?
Keep on inspiring us!

Very cute fabric!

I love these beautiful red photos from PS participants.

I have been thinking about a sewing machine, but I just don't have things figured out for bringing in more equipment. Those pj pants have me thinking about it even more.


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