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The sewing up of a pair of pajama pants went much as my knitting does.  I'll need to invest in a seam ripper if this sewing hobby decides to stick around.  After getting the machine oiled, properly threaded, the bobbin wound, and cutting out two pattern pieces, (front and back), I sat down and started the process of seaming. 

Sewing felt good, the seams went together quickly, but when I held up my finished project, it was impossible to make heads or tails of it.  It was impossible to make legs or waist from it....seriously, what did I do?  Slowly, carefully, I unpicked the seams, then laid the pieces on the floor to better see the problem. One by one (as the light bulb went on) I picked them up, and began anew, to sew a very easy pair of pants together. Apparently, my MO is to make everything harder than it is.

It didn't take long to hem the legs and thread twill tape for a drawstring, and while they're not what you'd call chic, they're not too shabby, either.  Mission accomplished, a fancy, dancy pair of RED PJ pants for lounging around the house.  Where's my martini!?


Hee hee. I've done that a million times with pants.

And if you've invested in a sewing machine, you should very, very definitely (definitely! I mean really very much so definitely) get a seam ripper. They're useful little things. I've had one since I graduated from high school, during many years when I had no sewing machine. And one of those little sewing rulers with the sliding thingy. I use that constantly for all types of handwork. Get that, too.

I'm not much for other sewing doo-dads, even though I have a drawerful.

been there, done that ;^)
Great job, well done, love love love the fabric!
Happy Lounging!

What a GREAT project to break the monotony. Every now and then I get the sewing bug and WISH I had the patience and talent for it. Since I'm only wearing skirts now, and no more pants or shorts (mostly), perhaps I could drag out the machine(s) -- believe it or not, I have TWO fairly decent sewing machines! -- and stitch up some simple skirts. MAYBE. Another problem I have is lack of decent fabric around here. Sewing used to be very popular here, and there used to be great sources, but that has dried up.

They look perfectly comfy.

I love the red!

Excellent! And very cheery.

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