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The sewing up of a pair of pajama pants went much as my knitting does.  I'll need to invest in a seam ripper if this sewing hobby decides to stick around.  After getting the machine oiled, properly threaded, the bobbin wound, and cutting out two pattern pieces, (front and back), I sat down and started the process of seaming. 

Sewing felt good, the seams went together quickly, but when I held up my finished project, it was impossible to make heads or tails of it.  It was impossible to make legs or waist from it....seriously, what did I do?  Slowly, carefully, I unpicked the seams, then laid the pieces on the floor to better see the problem. One by one (as the light bulb went on) I picked them up, and began anew, to sew a very easy pair of pants together. Apparently, my MO is to make everything harder than it is.

It didn't take long to hem the legs and thread twill tape for a drawstring, and while they're not what you'd call chic, they're not too shabby, either.  Mission accomplished, a fancy, dancy pair of RED PJ pants for lounging around the house.  Where's my martini!?


Cute Project Spectrum PJs!

Adorable!! Sewing is like knitting. You follow the instructions, but unlike knitting, sometimes you have to analyze. I sewed a pair of pants once and had a blob of fabric. It would've been great if I had one huge leg;-P

They're great!!!

Le'chaim! :)

Fantastic and you can make them nice and long for your gorgeous long legs. I think those call for a matching Cosmo!

WONderful! What cheery, happy pajama pants! (I couldn't sew without a seam ripper. I remember my junior high Home Ec teacher's motto: "So shall you sew; so shall you rip!")

So cute! (I almost said "Sew cute!" but I didn't want you to throw something at me.)

The ever present, "learning from setbacks". I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one....

Yay! It's great to get just what you wanted, even if there was a little angst thrown in.

Wonderful! And they match your toenails! :)

Looking good! I enjoy sewing because a project can be finished quicker than knitting but it's no portable.


Great Job! And, I'll bet anyone who's sewn a pair of pants has made a pair like your first try. I always have at least one seam ripper near by, too - they're like measuring tapes! Keep up the good work.

Oh they are ADORABLE! Especially with your cute red toenails. :)

Happy Pants!

Oh, I love them!! I've sewn for the girls and for the house... I don't think I've sewn for myself since a run of maternity dresses (so at least 20 years ago, and probably more like 24)! DrawstringP PJ pants would be a perfect project! I think you might be startin' something...


Very cute, Margene!!

Great ps project! Very cute, indeed!

They turned out great!!

Great job! And they match your toe nails (or vice versa).

I shan't say how many times I sewed pants legs together the wrong way, let's just say often :) After 25 years, I've finally learned to think hard about it before I start sewing those leg seams. Knickers and bras are apparently much easier than pants. Still love your red pj fabric!

Happy lounging in your spiffy PJs!

In addition to knitting, I quilt. I am here to tell you that no matter how firm a grip you have on two pieces of fabric as you lift them from the surface they were arranged on, they are completely able to rearrange themselves. It defies physics, but it is possible. ;^)

Pajama pants are my most favorite things in the world to sew. I pretty much live in them at home. Enjoy yours!

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