Spring is in the Air
PS - I Love You

On a Dime

One day spring was in the air and we (all) sat on the patio to celebrate.  A summer cocktail, happy dogs nearby, and red toenails dotted the scene.  It was seventh heaven and much appreciated (that's to say, much needed!)!

We luxuriated in the warming air, the blue of the sky above, and the delight of being outdoors. But, we all know Mom Nature (aka Spring) to be a fickle heart-breaker. By sunrise the next morning, the blue had run off (with the spoon?) and left us with a landscape of black and white.


To make matters worse, by early afternoon it was raining cats and dogs (with no break for 24 hours!).  The mountains need not one more snowflake and our lawns are as green as lawn can be, plus we may be growing moss where moss shouldn't be (and Utah's not know for its moss)!  Please, Mz. Nature, please bring the sun you've promised us this weekend.  We deserve it! Yes, we do!!


Although that mountain/sky scene is still beautiful in black-and-white, it's time for a more sustained blue. Here's hoping Mom N sends good weather your way soon.

Fingers crossed you get the promised and much deserved sun!

I understand! Saturday was beautiful and warm and sunny. Sunday was cloudy and cold and blustery. Booooo.

Just talked to my DD in Boulder and she could definitely use some of that rain. It's been a dry spring and she's worried about fire season. Rainy here back east,too.

Lordy, I hope she's listening this time. This is the weirdest spring yet!!!! I bet the boyz love the warmth of the stone. And, your toes are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can completely sympathize. There's rain predicted every day for the rest of the week here. *sigh*

I swear we're turning into Seattle.

I think she's been pitching hissy-fits all over the place. Love the photos :o)

She's such a fickle woman!

Moss! Here's hoping for more sun and many more celebratory days spent on the patio! (Here, too!)
; )

Mother Nature is wicked! And not in a good way!

sending lots of sun your way as we have had more than our share!

Looks like there's a warm up on the way, my friend. Let's hope it lasts!


Sunny spring day here in Oregon, hopefully it will head your way soon. The boys look pretty content in the pic! I love lazy days, too.

It's been like that here too, although not really all that warm. You all look so comfy...the dogs in the sun and you with your sandals on. :0)

It'll come. It may not stay, but it will be there.

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