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The garden goddesses were not amused by the wrapping of wet, whipped cream snow they received from Mother Nature on Saturday.  Mom Nature has been fickle and she has withheld the warmth of spring from our fair land. Moresnowmoresnow
The morning stayed gray, the clouds threatening, but nothing more came of their glowering ways.  At the end of the day, the evening light turned golden and we had hopes for a better Sunday.  With such a view we are constantly entertained, even though the drama may not be what we love to watch.



Sunday came and the day was fine!  THAT blue filled the sky, the light of spring returned, but still no warmth (no one complained). The forecast is for warmer weather and we're keeping our figures crossed that Mz. Nature is recovered from her bitchiness. 

Now, if you please, go wish my dear friend Cheryl a Happy Birthday!!

No, she isn't 9, but that's the only candle Bruce, of the Jitterbug, could find to put on Cheryl's favorite cheese cake.  ;-)


Your mountain is as majestic as always and that snow looks vicious even to snow loving me.

I hope the spring will come to stay and soon.

Mazal tov to Cheryl, love that photo and yes I am going to wish her happy birthday on her blog right now :)

The snow was a big of a surprise, but I had confidence that Mother Nature would gift me with a nice day for my birthday, as she usually does. Thank you for the lovely day, and the perfect gifts, my friend!

The weather was awful, but the pictures beautiful. I hope spring comes to stay for you soon! And, what a lovely birthday picture.

Oh, beautiful! I love that evening shot. It's been tough around here, too, but I'm hopeful for May!

LOL! I was trying to figure out the significance of the nine...

Wow, you got sunshine yesterday? Lucky!! We had some light snow here earlier today...

Okay, I will stop complaining about our rain.


Hope you have lots of sunshine in store!

I wish Mother Nature would take a look at the damn calendar.

The glowing evening photo rocked me back in my chair, gorgeous!
Sounds like a sweet celebration! (just came from Cheryl's and read all about it ;^)
Happy Monday and may Spring be with you soon!

Spring weather is . . . so Not Fair! Hope "real spring" settles in soon. I'm tired of Mother Nature's fickle games! :-)

What a wonderful post.

Happy birthday, Cheryl!

The pinkish mountain shot is stunning!!!

Love the Sunday shot. Not too fond of the Saturday one! Mr. Weatherman says sun is in our future. I hope he's right, though I have the sneaky suspicion that he has a weather dart board and a fridge full of beer!

I know that there is nothing I can do about the weather, and I try not to complain about it, but this nonsense is getting to be a bit much. I like that you are able to show some of the beauty of your unseasonal weather. I hope the Spring you enjoy is with you soon!


We get that kind of one-step-forward-two-steps-back spring up here, too. Crossing my fingers for both of us...

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