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Happily Hamamelis

No matter how many picures, or the setting of the camera, I have been unable to capture the true, the electric blue nature of this shawl.  The photos do not show the blue and purple flashing against the electric turquoise, which all in all creates a neon like color.


Even though Hamamelis spent too many months on the needles it was not because she acted up, it was because I was distracted by other shawls, other needs, the desire to give to friends and family. Hamamelis was always considered mine, as giving her to someone else seemed the wrong thing to do. Once she was back in progress the knitting went smoothly and quickly. She entertained all along the way.




Wild Woman did a happy dance when I wrapped Hamamelis around her. A little electric blue, to brighten gray and rainy month, has been the right way to go.


I love it and I can see the purple and turquoise. I'm sure it's stunning in person.

Even if that isn't quite the exact color, it's still a gorgeous color! :)

I too can see all of the colors. It's beautiful!

Ooh, it's gorgeous! I think that's the perfect color for the pattern.

So purty!

Another gorgeous shawl!

Lovely and perfect for YOU!!! The weather? It still sucks, but the shawl is beautiful!!!

That's a real gloom-chaser! Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Most beautiful!

That blue is stunning. I can only imagine how amazing it looks in real life!

It's beautiful! What size did you make?

I, too, can see the turquoise and purple. It's GORGEOUS!

It's stunning. I love your description of the colors - it helps us to see them. The color that shows up is gorgeous - but I know what you mean about how sometimes the camera just can't quite capture that magical perfect shade.

So pretty! Love that jewel tone!

Lovely, just lovely! You've done a great job capturing the colors. I'm sure it is breath-taking in person.

Ooh, I would love to see this in the sunlight! I can just get glimpses of the colors you are describing. Glad it is off the needles and on your shoulders so you can enjoy it in another way!

It's always so frustrating when you can't get the color right!

Nevertheless, it's gorgeous, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

simply lovely

I know those colors are always a challenge to capture in photos, but I can see them in my mind. I'm so glad this is for you, and it gives me a smile to think about you wrapped up in such energy and beauty.


So beautiful! That lovely blue will bring a smile . . . even on the greyest of days!


It's gorgeous!

Beautiful! Totally worth the wait, yes?


So lovely - wonderful colors. Enjoy!!!

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