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Hammy Yarn Along

Hamamelis hogs all my attention, as her lace has unlocked its secrets and I can't seem to get enough. The last repeat is falling into place and will be followed by rows and rows of garter ridges, the simple elegance of which pleases me to no end.


A minor (as it turned out) catastrophe befell the yarn (fortunatly not the shawl), as a dog (who shall remain nameless), whilst in the midst of an panic attack, defiled the unsuspecting ball. I did not see the nasty creature dog leave my side, but alas, he stealthily cause havoc and hardened my heart. Thinking about the yarn in its abused state saddened me.  I couldn't leave it in its state of disgrace and, of course, I could not knit with a tangled mass, and so, in the quiet hour(s) of the early evening, I carefully set to untangling. 

As the knots and tangles slowly fell from my fingertips, I listened to American Gods by Neil Gaiman, a delightful distraction. I’d have to classify myself a fan as I've read, and loved, several of his books. Instead of a picture of my iPod, the picture shows my favorite summer book, Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. I've read it before and, hopefully, by reading it again, summer (or at least spring) will make an appearance.

I'm happily joining Ginny, of Small Things, in her Yarn Along.


I think it's those delightful garter ridges that make Hamamelis such a charmer! Love that contrast -- and love that blue. I haven't read Dandelion Wine in years (actually, decades!), but perhaps I should pick it up. Does it have a recipe. . . because I've certainly got the ingredients!

SO pretty! One of my favorite books too, for years. I still will not use cruise control EVER thanks to Bradbury's story about the semi trucks that attack the rest stop. :P

I hate detangling yarn. Sharon and Lois helped me with a huge mess the other day and Sharon said she actually enjoys it, it's like a puzzle. I just don't have the patience for it, I guess.

Poor panicked pup. Poor Poor Mommy. Although it was tangled I hope it wasn't damaged. The blue is gorgeous. I have not read Dandelion Wine before. Might need to do that. I am currently reading "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter". Happy Hump Day, grrl!!!!!!

Hammy is gorgeous! Knit on, my lovely friend!

Beautiful shade of blue isn't it? I love the girlie chicks. I drive a country road and theres always a small flock of those chicks crossing the road in front of me! I smile at their gentle clucking, I know they're saying she'll stop, she knows us. And my gosh do I ever love Ray Bradbury, I'll go get Dandelion Wine at my library today. Ahhh blue yarn, chicks and library, my cup does runneth over. THANK YOU for todays blog.

I can already see how beautiful this one is going to be (surprise, not!) and I love the blue!

Our dogs can cause so much trouble and we love them anyway! I'm glad you got your yarn untangled. I have not knit anything since finishing a tunic vest for my niece in Jan. Your shawl has me wanting to pick up my needles again!

Oh, thank goodness the yarn survived! My daughter is a born detangler - anytime she sees me wrestling with knots, she extends her hands and says, "Give." :)

I love that glorious blue, and Ray Bradbury was one of my favorite authors as a teenager - must revisit!

I'm glad it was only tangles and not anything more serious. Sigh.

I was just looking at that pattern last night and am so glad you are enjoying it! And that you were able to untangle the mess and move beyond the dog incident.

that shawl is coming along beautifully and i love that color you chose for it - a perfect pairing! so sorry about the tangled yarn but so thankful it wasn't worse.

Naughty to mess with the yarn!

I don't like having to do it, but I can get into the process of untangling!

Perfect marriage of pattern and yarn, though your puppeh was a bad boy. I too am one of those sickos who doesn't mind de-tangling yarn or hand winding directly from the skein.

That blue is absolutely brilliant. sigh. tangled yarn, it's probably not the first time, and likely not the last either, eh? (at least it wasn't all chewed up, right? right?)

Pretty blue yarn! American gods is an interesting read, for sure. I found his work to be interesting and well written, just so lengthy in description and volume. Like listening through a really long story to get to the salient point at the end.

Oh bad dog! I have one of those too. She made spagetti with a yarn cake while I was on a quick errand and I just about had a fit when I saw it. I had just that day finished 'Beach Glass' with a huge skein of BFL and there was about 400 yds left in the cake. When I first walked through the door and saw the spagetti, I thought it was the shawl instead of the cake- major ouch! I'm still waiting to detangle that mess. I really scolded her for her play and so far she has not looked at my yarn again.
We are sisters of the yarn and schnauzer debacle!

Oh, it's been a long time since I read Dandelion Wine, but I remember loving it.

American Gods is a favorite. :)

Bad doggy!

Sounds like the nameless dog had quite an adventure. I love that shawl, looks so pretty :)

Glad it turned out to be minor and you are able to continue with your gorgeous blue lace.


Dandelion Wine is a favorite of mine, too.

A book recommendation that sounds right up my alley! Must go check it out. I've spent a lot of money on Kindle books that I haven't finished....

Glad the yarn survived the dog's panic attack and didn't create one in you!

my foul beast did in a ball of malabrigo lace last year while i was knitting. there was no saving it and i let him live with me anyway.

Love the blues and the reds. You and Carole are brightening my world today.

Isn't there something satisfactory about untangling yarn that looked hopelessly bollixed? Or do I need to get out more? (Don't answer that.)

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