Happily Hamamelis
Through Rain, Snow, Sleet and Hail....

Finding Voice

It's gray, dreary and chilly.  I feel silly for complaining about the weather when I am safe, dry and have a roof over my head.  But, (isn't there always a "but") this constant gray, lack of warmth and sun, and general wetness (we are not used to wet) has just about frayed my last nerve. 

On the good side, while picking arugula and radishes Sunday afternoon, I found it exceptionally easy to weed.  Just giving the weed a little push with the thumb, which releases the ground around it, and the whole plant comes right out, down to its tiniest root.  I quite easily plucked a bucket full of various noxious weeds and actually found joy in the process.  The real joy was our first taste of the garden, a delicious salad of arugula, radishes and chives (flowers and all).


My knitting has been monogamous as Curatio has been a cure for gloom.  Kim's Pearl, in the New England Red colorway, has been sunshine on my needles. The bright and happy color has been just what I need and looping its soft strand around the needles has given me hours of pleasure.  I've made many mistakes, silly, stupid mistakes which are too numerous to count.  Tinking back, or frogging, has been a big part of the process but, I just keep plugging along, and Curatio will soon be finished.  She is the sunshine of my life and perfect knitting for May's Project Spectrum (which doesn't mean I'll be knitting something in every color of PS).

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend, everyone!  Here's hoping it will BE a summer kickoff for those of us in need of warmth.


This spring's gloomy weather really does get under the skin, doesn't it? So glad you've found a way to look beyond it and find some joy -- in arugula and radishes and easy-weeding! (That lovely shawl helps bring some warmth, too!)

Ooooh, Margene, your shawl is beautiful!! I feel your weather pain -- I'm sick of thinking about it, complaining about it, hearing about it, reading about it -- but it's so THERE. Hoping for some moderation soon; something near-normal would be nice, too (as I sit here with a frost advisory looming tonight).

A 3-day weekend is always good. ; )

I'm glad that red is brightening an otherwise dreary spring. Sounds like we're about to move straight into summer here but I'm not complaining one bit.

I've just started planting. It was only 39 here this morning and warming up to about 48. I want some vegetables too!!! whine, whine.

Happy long weekend to Smith and you too.
I hope the sun will come visit you to help enjoy it better.

Knitting mistakes aren't really mistakes...it's just a way of making the pattern your own! :)
Hope you get some sunshine and warmth SOON!

OK. It's one thing to understand that you are lucky having not been affected by the horrific weather disasters, but honey, this spring has sucked royally weatherwise for almost everybody. It's ok to be bummed, but I hope your weather changes for the better soon! Isn't weeding a snap when everything is sopping wet? Messy and cold, but easier. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Beautiful shawl! I agree about the gloomy grey, even while being very thankful not to have had the violent weather here.

We actually have blue skies!! For the moment. Have a great weekend!

Hoping your sun returns soon! Thank goodness for bright cheery colors to get you through. I have the same colorway in Lark. :-)

We are having so much rain here in the Midwest that I am seriously thinking about trading my bicycle in on a kayak or canoe. I read about the little planter box your husband made last year, and so I have planted two boxes of lettuce on my deck this spring. The plants are just getting big enough to thin. The seeds I bought are supposed to have a variety of leaf lettuces in them, so I am letting the baby plants get big enough to tell apart before I decide who goes and who stays---I want to keep that variety. I am NOT a gardener, to this is exciting. (!) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will happen to them and that I will actually get to eat salad that I grew.

Seriously - SEND US THE RAIN. I will take all of it.

Gorgeous colorway (as usual) from Kim - Perfect for Kirsten's super-pretty pattern!

I don't believe I've ever had a chive blossom......maybe tonight with dinner since my chives in lovely bloom.

I know...with everything everywhere that's so much more painful and dramatic, it's hard to justify complaining about the weather. Still, wet and gray and yucky ain't fun. But I LOVE your cure for it - how scrumptious!

Curatio is your cure :)

See... there is an upside to all the soggy weather. ;^)

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend, my friend.


I hear you about the weather -- a few weeks ago, my kids were playing outside in their swimsuits! Now it's grey and dreary again. :(

Love that russety-red color!

We have a rather dreary weekend ahead, but summer is right around the corner, right???

Love the shawl. What a fun color to knit when the clouds won't go away.

wow, crazy utah weather! i've been getting tons of rain, too but it's 90 degrees here!
happy holiday weekend!

Just a tiny bit of sunshine does seem to lift the mood, especially if it's been grey and gloomy beforehand. I'm sure the rust-red yarn will help brighten the day.

I know what you mean, all the rain is hard to take until you realize how lucky we are to be spared the weather-related tragedies in the South.

Love that color, and it's perfect with that pattern!

Such warm, gorgeous color!

I'm with you...this spring has literally sucked away my voice as well..(no blog posts). I have found this May to be completely oppresive on so many levels.... I am looking forward to June. :-)

I am. SO haappy that my favorite red is making you smile!!

It IS so much easier to pull weeds after a rain. (and welcome to my wet world!) And ARUGULA! I forgot to plant arugula! I will remedy that this morning!

What a lovely pattern! I hope you enjoyed a lot of cozy knitting time this weekend.

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