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Knitting along on my brilliantly blue/purple shawl I realized the end was in sight! Unfortunately, it was the end of the skein...the END of the yarn!  I do not have Susan’s powers, or prowess, of the skein because I don't pay close attention to the pattern/shawl/yarn ratio. I did not think to use a digital scale or calculate yardage. This grrl, meaning me, knits with total blind faith and that's why she gets into trouble. That's me...blinded by hubris. (This is my MO, as you know.)

The garter edge was nowhere near the needed 24 rows, let alone the lace border and bind off. How does this happen? Why am I so clueless? Seriously.

I am blithe...and unrepentant.


The ball winder was a big help, with about 10 rows of garter and 24 rows of pattern to rip (that is all the way back to the orange pin!). Happily, the swim in the frog pond turned out to be successful, as was getting the stitches back on the needle and then, tinking back one row.  I am, once again, ready to start the edging.

Truly, I thought I had enough yardage, but everyone knits differently and it's up to the knitter to know, to pay attention, and do the calculations. I didn't even think about checking, and so, I will be making the small instead of the medium, which is just fine.

I remain unrepentant…it is the process.

Comments's going to be pretty...flash blue, flash purple, flash blue!

I'm glad you didn't let ripping back get you down. The end is in sight and you will have a gorgeous blue shawl to wear.

It will be most beautiful in any size this wicked yarn chose to be! :)

Boy, I could have SO written this post! It just goes to show how much more of a process knitter I've become -- and that sometimes the process (and my avoidance of most types of calculations) of producing a product involves the need for "adjustments" to be made!

That'll be a beautiful shawl in any size!

Oh. . . been there. (And I'm sure I'll be visiting again soon!) It's going to be just lovely -- whatever the final size.

Oh no :( good that you for right to the ripping though. I would have put it in the time out corner!

Whew!! I'm glad you were able to get it to work!

It most definitely is the process, but damnitalltohell. How frustrating. It is so beautiful, though. Did you really have a high of 54 yesterday? We were at 84 and today will be the same, but by Saturday, we'll be in the 60's. Stop this train, I wanna get off!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only time I've not jumped into a pattern with both feet and not cared was when I participated in a fiber exchange in the local guild. I got this really lovely hand-spun yarn to knit into something. Hmm, what to do. I pulled out "Gathering of Lace" and decided to do the first shawl in the book. I weighed the yarn, knit the increases, and when I had exactly half (by weight) left, I started the decreases. I had 5 feet of yarn left at the end - Whew!

I'm not normally so scientific, since I usually make up things as I go along, which is way more fun...

I don't think you were blinded by hubris. It's more like hopefulness, and that's not a bad thing! Beautiful color, beautiful shawl!

Oh dear, what a bummer! That is SO something that I would do. I'm glad you pulled it right back and started on it again....the color is stunning!

Viva la process!

Oh, grrl. No one is as good as that Susan. I'm so glad you made it work.

I finished a shawl on the other end of the dilemma the other day. It was a pi shawl, and i knit a shorter last clue and opted out of the knit-on edging. What do you know, it was enough yardage to cast off and not have to wind up a second skein... Now I know why I was so lucky- the universe gave me your yardage! I'd give it back, but there is no way I am tin king back that shawl again!

Gorgeous Hammelis! Glad you got right back in the saddle with this one.

I knit mindfully, weighing, hoping, and I STILL run out of yarn. Susan lives in a blessed universe all by herself, apparently.

I tend to knit unrepentantly with blind faith also ;^) otherwise we'd be missing out on some Very Exciting Moments here and there,eh?
Those are gorgeous blues!

Love your last line, Margene!

Ah yes...I visited the frog pond myself last night after realizing that the sleeves on the top down pullover I WAS making were about forty seven sizes too big...however...I love the pattern and will persevere...I seem to remember a wise woman saying:

I remain unrepentant…it is the process.

Have a great weekend!

Nothing like a jump into the frog pond on occasion! Happens to the best of us. By the way, saw your Schnauzers in one of your photos-they are so cute. Do they get along well?

...and as you SHOULD. (remain unrepentent) :)

Argh! I'm glad to know that I am in good company with the yarndage issues.

I can sooo see myself doing that same thing.. ever the optimist believing I will have enough yarn. I did have to alter a pattern I am in the midst of, for the very same reason. Somehow, the yardage I read on the label and the pattern both matched, but not in real time. I am creating something else out of that pattern instead now, LOL. This is such a rich and beautiful color!

Ah...we've all been there! I've gotten better about using measurements, but truly I don't know what I would do sometimes if I found I was short. So far I've been very, very lucky.

You are so good about this situation...Im afriad I'd cry! It is lovely incomplete.....

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