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This post cold also be called "At Last", as I haven't touched poor Hamamelis since January! Back then I was struggling with the pattern and watching every stitch I made. With patterning (garter stitches) on both sides, I was easily confused and couldn't (quite) see the design.


This week I picked the shawl up again and, even though I'd stopped in middle of a repeat, things fell into place, the design was apparent, easy to see and keep straight.  After a only a few hours of knitting, much progress has been made and I feel excited, and relieved, its going so well.

Most of my reading actually involves listening and, because of the iPod, the number of books I've read has increased. I listen when knitting, walking, and even working (slow days can be deadly dull), but the past year I decided I must take time to actively read a book.  The heft of the book, the feel of the paper and turning the pages...there really is nothing quite like it. I read one or two books a month this way and have started using the library for more than downloads or CDs.

At the moment I'm reading "How to Knit a Heart Back Home", by Rachael Herron (one of my first blog buddies!) and enjoying the beauty of a romance unfolding.  As you can see from the cover, knitting is involved, too.  On the iPod is "The Love of My Youth" by Mary Gordon.  The story takes place in Rome and her writing is lovely, which makes this a perfect book for the ear.

Today I join Ginny in her YarnAlong.


What a lovely blog she has. I'm thrilled your knitting confidence is back. I'm currently reading "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter". Happy Hump Day, grrl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad that the lovely Hamamelis is behaving well. As you know, I, too, love listening to books on my iPod. I also read them on my iPad. But there is nothing quite like holding a book - a Real book - in your hands!

Us grrls can't resist a good book, pretty knitting, and/or our iPods!

My Hamamelis is blue, too, and you will love yours when it's done. I'm currently reading The Union Quilters and I'm currently listening to Bonfire of the Vanities. Both are quite good but very different.

My mind wanders somethin' fierce when I listen to an audio book... I think I need to practice more!

I'm currently reading a memoir that I picked up in Scotland... it's almost over and I don't want it to end!

That is my idea of an ideal stormy day - a book on the Kindle via Audible and some good knitting. PERFECT!

both books sound good - will have to add those to my to-read list. so glad you were able to find a rhythm with hamamelis!

Gorgeous colorway!! Reminds me of deep blue summer skies... I think. I can't quite remember.

Love the blue! I've got "Laced" (Carol Higgins Clark) on my emerald green Ipod to keep me company while I knit :o)

Is it a matter of having natural light? I'm working on a shawl in a Kauni colorway that has some very dark sections, purple-almost-black, and, while the gray and true purple can be worked with at night, I really need daylight for the darkest sections.

Isn't it wonderful when all the pieces fall in place and the knitting just happens?

My friends (and now me, too) all have e-readers. Its amazing how our reading has exploded. We were all reading before, but have easily doubled or tripled our output. Coming from a bunch of late 20 to early 30 something's, that is saying something! I will miss hardback books, but i wont miss not having the space or the bookshelf real estate t support my habit- plus, e books are generally cheaper, so more to read!

The shawl looks great! I'm laughing at myself...I was so busy admiring the shawl that at my first glance at the book, I thought the title was "How to Knit a Backhoe". Margene's into industrial nonfiction these days, eh? ;-)

I recently finished that book. I now want to dig out the Hamamelis that I planned on knitting last summer. I found the yarn the other day, may have to cast on soon.

what a most beautiful shade of blue!

I just finished How to Knit a Heart and I heartily recommend it to all! (I loved her first book, too)
And your Hamamelis is gorgeous!

Another audiobook listener here. After years of reading to others as an English teacher, I cherish the time I spend letting others read to me. This week, I have also picked up a "page turner" that a friend loaned me. It is nice hold a book again for a change.

For another fun read you might look at "The Seaside Knitters Mystery Series" by Sally Goldenbaum there are like 4 of them and a new onecoming out next month they are fun mysteries with knitting included.

HAHAHAHAHA! Your commenter on How to Knit a Backhoe is FUNNY. :) Hope you enjoy, dearest.

You're the one that got me hooked on audio books! They're my constant companion now. I just finished So Cold the River. I really enjoyed it. I'm now listening to the book my younger daughter is reading; The Magician. With my eyes I'm reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I love my blue Hamamelis; it gets a lot of wear! Knit on, my friend!

I've steadily moved to about 50% audio, thanks to my iPod and my libary's downloadable books on the Internet. Now that I have an iPad, I'm switching to a lot of ebooks. I'll never entirely give up old fashioned paper books, but must admit I am loving my technology!

So glad Hamamelis is getting on better with you. I love that color.

I've been holding off on new books because I think I'm saving up for a Kindle, but I am still trying to decide. I really just feel like hiding from everything and reading for a bit.


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