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  • Carole's blog post this morning gave me the kick I needed.
  • I enjoy Amanda's blog and her Weekending posts are some of my favorite.
  • Suzy, Cheryl, Shelley, Anna and I went to see Jane Eyre.
  • Everyone of us loved it and enjoyed talking about it after. 
  • The costumes were wonderful and several of the shawls were hand knit.
  • There is a very long discussion thread on Ravelry about one of Jane's shawls. 
  • I'm withholding judgement of the "knitters" in this thread but, oh my, people can get carried away.
  • If I knit the shawl I'll work out the pattern on my own. Big if.
  • Suzy and Cheryl came to dinner Saturday. It was a great evening.
  • A weekend spent with grrlfriends is the best no matter what you do.
  • Over the weekend I did a little spinning. Viva la wheels!
  • As you can see it snowed... 8" worth Sunday.
  • We were in a micro-climate, as the downtown area only had 2".
  • It was wet snow, that caused broken branches and very droopy pine bows.
  • Hopefully we'll see sun this week!


Thanks for all the fun this weekend. Here comes Monday!

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Well, except for the snow (but it IS pretty. . . ). I can't wait to see Jane Eyre. One of my Favorite Books of All Time!

We lost our power on Saturday night. Yucky weather.
Knitters on a Ravelry forum got carried away? That's a first.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, other than the snow! We're having sleet at the moment here. *sigh*

I'm looking forward to seeing Jane Eyre. I loved what Masterpiece Theatre did with it a few years ago. I cannot believe that snow!!! Darn it. We got hit with rain, but that hasn't discouraged the red wing blackbirds, blessedly.

I'm just getting caught up (again!). Thanks for the chickie update last week! I'm going to "steal" Carole's idea, too. Your weekend sounds wonderful!

What a great weekend!!! As for the snow? It needs to just give up until late fall, ya know? Poor foliage!!

It was a wonderful weekend, despite the snow!

What a great weekend!

I so very rarely get to have a weekend like yours -- but THIS weekend I did! Weekends with the grrlfriends... so, so true. I must get to see Jane Eyre. MUST! I've been SO on a binge of period films and TV lately....

I cannot wait to see Jane Eyre. So glad it got the grrrl seal of approval!

Montréal, weirdly, didn't get any snow, but south of us got socked in somethin' fierce. Of course, this was the weekend I was supposed to drive south for a visit...Have you melted yet?

(I mean, has the snow melted...I assume you're still pretty solid!)

Ravelry discussions scare me.

I love Amanda's weekending idea, too. Your weekend sounds great - except for that damn snow!

What a great weekend! Your photo above was what our neighborhood looked like after our Nor'easter on Friday. Thankfully it has all melted.

This weekend was spent enjoying the sun and watching the snow melt, finally finishing my Turn A Square hat, dinner with family, church, and coffee with a close friend I’d not seen in a long time. I may have also stopped by my LYS for yet another circular needle size I don’t have to get started on my Baby Chalice Blanket.


Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Okay Margene, The discussion on Ravelry cracked me up!! Only knitters would see a tiny bit of costuming, that the designer probably threw in because they were popular in that time, and made a gigantic discussion out of it. And discussed the pattern, and designed a copy, and on and on. Since I have been knitting, I notice all the sweaters, scarves, shawls, etc., on tv, movies, etc. Must be something in our psyches. Still funny. Lynn

Count me among those who are really looking forward to seeing Jane Eyre. Sounds like a great weekend.

We got snow too! But it didn't last long. See my blog post (yes, I finally have one): I believe I caught the seasons in motion.

A new Jane Eyre? Lovely! Hope we'll get to see it here too. Your weekend sounds and looks great (even the snow).

Got to love the annonymity of the internet, which allows otherwise normal, nice people to let themselves get carried away. It's one reason why I don't really participate in online forums.

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