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The jonquils never had a chance as daily, for over a week, they've been drowned by rain, pounded by sleet, battered by hail, and covered with snow. Usually, spring consists of a day or two of cold, followed by a day or to of sun and warmth, however, this year Mother Nature has been miserly with her sun. I hear the sun may show up by Wednesday. In any case, life in this drear place goes on.  And, yes, I am complaining.


There has been knitting, which has been difficult to photograph (so I haven't!), but I'm very excited about what's happening (and you will be, too!). Just as spring is taking her time in gracing us with her presence, I have been taking my time (the whole winter!) in knitting one sweater.  This poor thing has been knit, and half reknit again. (The yarn is holding up beautifully, by the way.)


The process has been slow, slower than it should be (or not), but the result has been worth the wait.  Count me thrilled. Other knitting has also been in progress and, with any luck, photos, blog posts, and a possible photo shoot, will be coming if (or when) the sun shows its face.


The blue Henley is stunning. I cannot wait to see you smiling in the sun and modeling that sweater. Even if it takes another 2 weeks;-P Here's hoping the sun finds you, and soon!!!!

I think I know exactly how those poor jonquils feel! Can't wait to see you sporting Henley!

Awesome! I can't wait to see the modeled shots!

Doing a sun dance for you. It's going to be dreary here too today, though tropically warm. It's heart breaking when dafs get smashed to the ground by rain, hail or snow. I usually pick the casualties and bring them inside.

That Henley looks great!

I love this sweater pattern, and as always, you paired it with the perfect yarn. The photo looks lush! We're going one day mixed sun/clouds, one day rain/snow spits. But the red winged black birds are coming back, so hope is there.

Ooh, those buttons are perfect!

Beautiful blue yarn, and perfect little buttons. Can't wait to see it finished!

We've had a lousy spring here in Ohio, too. Yesterday was the first real "spring" day - sunny, temps in low 80s. We slept with open window for the first time this year. Today...rain...ugh...

'Henleylovelyhenley' indeed! what gorgeous blues! Wishing you some Sunny Spring Days Soon!

I clicked on the picture so I could see that lovely blue fabric CLOSER! It'll be finished whenever it's finished. I wish you SUN, my friend.

God, that is BEAUTIFUL fabric. I can tell it's going to be another stunner. Yeah, Mother Nature.... she's really going through The Change, and she's not happy about it. Sigh.

All my daffs look like that, too. Poor things.

Your new sweater is FANTASTIC! Perfect fit, perfect yarn.

I hear you on the sun and photography difficulties. I do have daffodils finally, though!

Well, those pretty little flowers sure do look like they've been TRYING!! Sweater is intriguing!

I can't wait to see you in your sweater!!

This has been trying Spring for sure this year!

I'm so proud of you for finishing that sweater! I'm sure you'll love wearing it during our weirdo semi-spring and long after that.

Btw, it looks like this will be a dry week. Hopefully, for y'all, too.


Oh my, those daffs are so evocative. Exactly what you said: not a chance. Can't wait to see your photo will also mean you had some sun to warm your soul.

Oh, those poor flowers... Still no green here, although it's been wandering around from the low 50s to the low 70s for highs... and now I see snowflakes in the forecast, with a high of 41 for Friday.


It's really beautiful - worth the wait. I love the buttons too. Some things just want to be slow.

Love the Henley, and what a wonderful color :o)

What a beautiful blue! And such a fabulous job on the buttons! I hope you've had a chance to wear this lovely sweater.

Your sweater looks beautiful!

Our weather has just been odd this spring, and my only comlaint is that it's become the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of allergens...

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