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First Step

The desire started with Vicki's Parcheesi, her blanket of many colors, THE glorious blanket of 2010. When I saw how wonderful it was (made more so by her photography), I spent hours with the stash, playing with colors, trying to create some semblance of of Vicki's elegance....to.no.avail.  Frankly, that put me off the blanket desire and I went on my merry way--blanketless.

And then….I saw Kay’s Mitered Crosses for Japan and the flame of desire ignited again, the ideas going off in my brain like little fireworks. Yarn? So many choices. Colors? hum...neutrals!

Over the years I've considered many knitting patterns for blankets, but I've always crocheted something big because of the time constraints. At the moment I have several WIPs on the needles, which I've tried to factor into this decision, but the draw is too great.  The only way I can tackle this project is for there to be no deadline and for knitting to happen as it can.  (flip lightswitch)  Oh yeah, this has been my MO for the last couple of years anyway!    Blankey

Last year I knit a blanket square (group project) with Stonehedge Shepherd's Wool and found the fabric had a lovely halo and soft hand.  I also had a loose idea of the colors I wanted. Driven by desire I headed to the LYS and, with a little help from my friends (it takes a village), decided on six colors. 

Decision made.

The colors for my future blanket include: two shades of gray (Granite and Pewter), two shades of brown (Milk Chocolate and Brown), Black and, the kicker, Harvest Wheat. They fulfill my vision of where this journey should start, and now it's up to me to enjoy the process of creation, miter by miter, square by square.

Kay's Mitered Crosses is finished and it's incredible! You can start a mitered journey of your own, and offer aid to the people of Japan, with just one click. Think of the warmth you'll create.


Gonna be gorgeous!

Nice choice of colors! I dream of knitting a blanket. The closest I got was the Ten-Stitch, which I bound off at more like lap robe size, even though I have plenty enough yarn left to make a real blanket. Maybe you'll inspire me!

Beautiful color choices!

Oh, that will be lovely! Hmm. Maybe you can call the kicker Harvest Grain instead. ;)

You've written such a lovely, inspiring post that I'm off to purchase the Mitered Crosses pattern. I'm not sure that I will ever create a blanket with it, but maybe potholders or pillows as a first step? Enjoy your process!

You have provided a service today that will boost yarn sales, help Japan, and send me to get carpal tunnel surgery! I love both of the patterns! If only I needed more warm covers!

Thanks....I think.

It is going to be just gorgeous! I started an afghan this winter - my approach is to knit a square in between every other project. If I feel like knitting 2 in a row that's fine too. But it's helping me not feel overwhelmed or burned out by something so big. If I keep it up, I should have my afghan by next winter.

I just love your colors, and that pattern. I may have to plan a 2nd afghan!

I was totally wrong about the gold. It looks great.

I love that Parcheesi (it being a favorite board game from my childhood) but the Mitered Crosses immediately grabbed me. Japan is in my heart, and I am thrilled to find another way to help. The pattern is purchased, downloaded, and printed out - I want to knit mine in handspun, at least for the colors. I have lots of little balls of handspun leftover from projects or chain-plied from leftovers on bobbins. Perfect!

It'll take me forever to knit, but so what?

Love you, grrl - It's The Process!!

that harvest wheat is the perfect touch!

Mitered Cross was purchased, printed, and came with me to the UK. Alas, except for the wonderful day of dyeing, fibery pursuits took a back seat on the trip. It's been marinating, though. I LOVE the neutral colorway, Margene!!

Those colors will be wonderful. Seeing your start on Ravelry made me want to knit one, too. I am thinking baby blanket size, though.

So lovely. I'm tempted, grrl. Really tempted;-D

That is going to be gorgeous.

Love your color choices!

Oh, Margene! It's going to be glorious! What a fun project -- with one of my all-time favorite yarns, too. Love the color scheme.

Love the colors. Looks like it will be a yummy afghan to snuggle under next winter. Or maybe the winter after that depending on how long the wool wants you to take on its journey to blankethood.

Love your colors! It's definitely on my to-do list (pattern purchased almost immediately after it came out) - that's what I'm spinning all the Wenslydale for!

What a fantastic idea - and I adore the colors you've picked! Thanks for the link too!!


I always crave color color color, but I always knit mud for myself! I love neutrals!! That parchesi blanket was fabulous... good for you for starting a blanket!

I'm so glad you came up with a plan that makes you so happy! I'm not much of one for blankets either, so it just must be something in the air.

Yup, one little bite at a time. The neutrals are a genius idea.

Oh, the fun you will have! Motets are addictive.

Oops, the phone edited miters on me!

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