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Yesterday, instead of another dreary day, we were treated to a day of beautiful blue skies, for a least half the day. I took a break and walked outside just to feel the sun on my face.  The clouds are back today and rain is forecast for most of the week.  The spring will continue on it's cool and wet path, according to the weatherguy.  blek

Not long after I started blogging, Miss Sandy, started "Saturday Sky" and I was so excited to share my love of the sky and post my Saturday picture. It seems I am now alone in my sky posts, so rather than a designated day, I've changed the category on the side bar to "Sky Watching" and I'll show off my sky every now and then.


Every morning, as I leave for work, I check my favorite view and this week the sun has been on the verge of cresting the peaks. Whether cloudy or clear, the view stops me in my tracks and gives me a boost. When clouds completely obscured the view, my day is negatively affected, much to my dismay. I love seeing the sky and "my mountain".

Is there something in your landscape that starts your day off on the right foot?


For me, it is seeing either geese or ducks flying over the expressway on my way to or from work. (It happens often - fortunately.) It puts a smile on my face and gives me a funny sense of all being right with the world.

What a spectacular sky! I've just got a grey day goin' on here.

Love that shot! Watching the early morning sunrises I see as I bid my DS goodbye out the front door make my day.


That's a stunning photo! Worthy of printing and framing! Seriously, I've never seen anything quite like those Utah sunrises and sunsets...missing them a lot. (And a few other things I like Utah for!)

I have a view of the eastern horizon from my kitchen and as I walk toward the garage. It's somewhat obscured by trees (soon -- I hope -- to be leafed out), but I get a boost when I see the horizon begin to lighten and brighten!

I love seeing your sky in all its differences. Soon we'll move to the mountains of Montana (we'll be neighbors, well, almost!) and I'll get to share similar views.

Gorgeous picture!

You and I start our days with almost the same view...same mountain, mine just a little farther north and west! I love that about us!

What would brighten my day is not seeing snow on the ground. Almost there...

That's a gorgeous photo!

Hmm. Not landscape per se, but if I see an egret wading in the pond outside of the General Mills HQ as I drive to work, it makes the day a bit brighter.

Rain makes me feel dreary too, but we could really use it here in SE Texas. Severe drought conditions even along the coast, and it just gets worse as you go inland. Come on, Rain!

Anytime I can see the sky, I'm happy. A sunny sky makes me happiest. I have never covered the back deck because I need my sky!!!

Now THAT is an awesome sky photo! On the mornings when I leave for work with Dale it is just getting light and we usually see sunrise over the cranberry bog. It's beautiful but unfortunately there's never time to stop for a photo.

Your skies are always beautiful. Thank you.

Wonderful photo!

I need to get back to posting sky photos but I'm having trouble getting photos to load into the right program from the camera. :?

Um...no...but seeing your sky and mountain certainly perks me up. LOL! There is one week in June - when my mock orange blooms - that I get a lift from looking out my window, but mostly all I see are houses just like mine.

You are not alone in your sky posts! I virtually always take a Saturday Sky picture, as a matter of fact. It's just this teenager-chauffering thing that keeps me from blogging as regularly as I used to, so I don't post every weekend (and some Saturday Skies thus only get put up on the Flickr group). But see my very last post!
Glad you had some blue skies. We finally did today after a couple humdinger storms this weekend.

Oh, and to answer your question:
I look out my 2nd floor bathroom window to see Grandad Bluff which overlooks the city, and the flag which flies atop it, which also tells me about the weather (is the wind from the north or the south, and how hard is it blowing?). The sun rises over the bluff too, and now I can see it in the morning as well. It makes me feel much better.

Your sky always holds majesty! My folks drove through SLC yesterday on their trek home to sunny Calif. The entire time they were here it was overcast and windy. Today? Glorious Sun! Tomorrow? rain. Waiting for sunny days to come again.

Your sky and mountain photos are always beauteous, but this one is especially so IMHO. Love a dark and stormy sky!

You have THE best skies!

My favorite sky is early in the morning of a clear day, when the sun has not yet risen but the pink is just turning pink at the bottom of the horizon and the sky stretches and changes color back to the other midnight blue horizon. And the moon is the tiniest crescent sliver, and one star is shining just a little ways away from it. It happened about three weeks ago for a few days and I was in heaven!

Living in our neighborhood, we unfortunately don't have a reliable view. I've taken some really good pictures of the backyard over the last few years - mostly when the trees are in leaf - but it's not always great.

However, when I'm on my parents' farm there are several views that always make my day!

Why not?! Since you watch and even photograph the sky almost daily, it is lovely to know that any day of the week could be a sky day over at Zeneedle!

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