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Scre-e-eching Halt

The minute I started the border of Haruni I tried to conjure the spirit of the Queen of the Last Inch. She often finishes a project with inches to spare. Sadly, I do not have her powers and her force was not with me.  I swear, only Susan has the touch. 


Luckily, someone on RavelryRav_linkredyarnball was willing to part with a partial skein and, as soon as it arrives, I'll be able finish the last four rows, along with the crochet bind off, which eats up the yarn! The flowers of Haruni will soon be adorning my friend's shoulders.


Knitting with this glorious red has my fingers itch for more! Truth be told, I have the lace projects lined up as far as the eye can see. While lace is a good companion, and I believe creating holes is a nice thing to do, delusions of grandeur may be returning.  I'd love to hear what shawl has recently captured your imagination.  Are you knitting lace, too?


I have 5 pages of lace shawls in my queue on Ravelry! I loved doing Haruni. The edging is wonderful.

I'm knitting Sea of Dreams (lace) Baby Blanket right now. And am looking at Shaelyn as the next shawl I tackle.

I just ripped out a lace-edged shawl last night and re-wound the yarn... I may try again (again), or try something else, or move on. I love lace, but feel somewhat lace-challenged and this little incident did not help.

I won't give up, though. ; )

My queue on Ravelry has nothing but lace shawls in it. My favorites are from Romi's ebook, "7 Small Shawls." I believe I will soon achieve LABLE: Lace Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy!

Reading shawl lace charts is still a challenge for me. I've started Heartland Lace shawl and am struggling through. Guess I need a suggestion of an easier lace shawl pattern to attempt. I have several in my queue that are from Romi's ebook, but don't feel I have the requisite expertise to attempt!

So pretty. I have lace envy, but, alas, nothing lace on the needles. It is so tempting, but until warm weather returns I am holding off!!!!

Ditto for me on the lace queue. I actually have 2 Sekrit Knitting Projects on the needles, both of which are lace, but I'm eyeing one of Romi's shawls for a personal project too!

I have so many lace patterns queued up it's ridiculous. I'm currently pretending to work on Morning Glory by Anne Hanson. Have you done any of her shawls? All of them are gorgeous.

That red is indeed glorious!

"Someone" will love the idea of flowers on her shoulders!

Oh my, what a beautiful red! That is a perfect marriage of color, fiber and pattern.
I have lots of lace in the plans, but I am hot on my garter cardigan and my spinning, so nothing on the needles anytime soon.

Well, naming one shawl would be sort of like naming your favorite child... risky at best. I am thinking about a few of Romi's shawls, and there are 10 if there are one by Knitspot I'd like to do.

No lace on the needles right now, but I surely have lace on the brain. So many shawls appeal to me that I have a hard time choosing. So I just keep dreaming. Lovely red, Margene. So glad you found the rest of what you need to finish.

I just finished Nightsong last night and the Thundercloud Cowl is next. Thundercloud is to be a wedding shawl.

Oh, that's going to be amazing when it's blocked!

Most of my queue and my WIPs are lace. Back in the "old days" when I first started knitting, I fell in love with knitted lace but could never find the right yarn or needles for it here. Having so much so available is like I've died and gone to heaven. I can knit lace to my heart's content - and do! :-)

The crochet border of haruni is so worth it! It makes the project really sing.

Project spectrum is back this year, starting in may with red! Perhaps another red project isn't far away?

Thank goodness for the helpful souls on Ravelry!

Have you ever thought of doing Emily2 with handspun? ;^)


I love knitting lace but find that I've got too many shawls for myself. I guess I need to start knitting for friends like you do.

I purchased fingering weight yarn to knit Juneberry, but what I really want to knit is Anne Hanson's Autumn Arbor. If only I could afford the yarn right now!

The photo caught my eye because I have done both the Curatio shawl and the Viola shawl from Through The Loops in the last 6 months. In fact I did Curatio twice! And if you are looking for a yarn to try - think about Tanis Fiber Arts. She has an amazing colour palette and the yarn knits up beautifully.

I just finished Diana - a lace entrelac, that came out beautifully despite the written pattern, and I just started one of Kim's small shawls, Celeano. It will be a gift for my youngest sisters wedding, and i plan to give it to her at her shower in may. It is in this beautiful pink coral color and i am using Tilli Thomas Symphony Lace - with beads and glitter. I think it will be perfect for a young first time bride, to drape around her shoulders.

No lace on the needles at the moment but I love Haruni, and that red is beyond delicious!

So beautiful, Margene - what a glorious red!

Your Haruni is beautiful. It is also in my queue. I have Romi's Asterope on my needles now, and the yarn and beads for another of the 7 Small shawls. I have finished 3 from the e-book. I have a long list of shawls I'd love to knit.

Rock Island Shawl by Brooklyn Tweed has totally rocked my boat! Alas, I have 2 other shawls on the needles (Three Cornered Shawl from Victorian Lace Today awaiting decision on ripping out big boo-boo, and Miralda's Estonian Shawl by Nancy Bush), and RI will have to wait. But the drooling that is going on is hampering my progress. Hard to knit damp wool.

I love the "Queen of the Last Inch" title! So awesome! I think I should get that one too. I've only once run out of yarn...and also been blessed with a ravelry gift of the few yards I needed to finish the shawl. (Crazy!)

I am working almost exclusively on lace right now - which is for me an anual spring thing. I'm waiting for the beads to show up in the mail to finish Celeano, need to get back to work on Tibetan Clouds, am finally chugging away on the Princess edging (should be done by my next guild meeting!) and have just started Evenstar with a scrumptious Gradience kit. (One of my LYS is doing Evenstar as a gradiance KAL...I have no intention of doing it with, but took advantage of the opportunity to try the yarn.)

I'm also thinking about starting another shawl with some of my handspun...but I haven't figured out which pattern yet. May have to design my own!

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