Saturday Sky

Friday the sky was littered with feathery clouds, which makes for pretty pictures, but is the first sign of a forthcoming storm.  Today we have wind, mostly gray skies and snow on the horizon.  No complaints, as the blue days are starting to out number the gray. 


I am not sure spring will actually arrive this year! :)

Sounds like another good day to tuck oneself indoors with tea and yarn/fibre :^)

At least we've lasted through March, and now I'm hoping we'll get some April showers. Our fire danger is high------and my dad was a Forest Service employee. I notice that stuff. (I'm knitting a sock, and about to try some fingerless mittens, just for the heck of it.)

It was so gorgeous yesterday!!!

Today it was so gray and gloomy and wintry-looking... but when I went outside, I was surprised that it was so warm!

So funny to have such a wintery-looking day with all that snow still on the mountains, but have it be over 70 degrees. And have snow on the way.

Here in Jerusalem it was a glorious spring day today but they promise some rainy days this week.

I wish we had views like that in Indiana :(

It's schizophrenic Spring!

We had a bit of spring here today, much welcome and much needed. I don't know when I'll ever see a Utah sky again in person!

We had sun today and tomorrow's supposed to be rainy, shading to snow tomorrow night. But it's 50F right now still!


Love your mountains! It was pretty here in Missouri today for a change - nice to have sun & blue skies for a change :o)

At least you get a pretty sky in exchange for that coming storm. We've had more moderate temps the last day or so and they are quite welcome!

Such a tease this time of the year out West, isn't it? 80 degrees in Denver on Saturday, snow predicted today!

La montana is beautiful this weekend.

Such a lovely sky! It holds promise of warmer, sunny days ahead. Really. . . it does! :-)


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