Scre-e-eching Halt
We Never Give Up


Good things come to those who wait? Cool picture!

That is a GREAT picture!

The reward seems even that much sweeter since you had to wait for it so long. :)

Lovely calm way to start my morning.

I love snowdrops and never got a picture of one this year. Thanks for posting this!

No kidding... Spring is sure taking her time! I can see snowdrops blooming in the ravine, and the bloodroot are starting, too! Oh, and the sun is out today!

Great photo!

Just beautiful! What a gift! (That green. . . SO "spring.")


That took forever, Sweetie!! What a beautiful picture. Maybe, just maybe, the dam has finally broken for spring!!!!!

And with a cute little bug on top!

LOVE this post!
Happy Spring!

Beautiful photo, Sweet Lovely bloom. So glad you two finally got it together ;^)

Don't give up. I had a tulip bud just poke her head up yesterday. The rest have been blooming for days. Guess she was waiting to see how the others looked so she could be bright and lovely all by herself. I can't wait!

One?! Well, at least you got one - and it's beautiful!

Wahoo! Spring! What a lovely sight after such a long winter--thank you for sharing your photo!

I moved last year, and missed seeing all the bunches of snowdrops in the wooded areas along my old walking route. Pretty!

I forgot (I'm sort of slower than usual today), love the Etta James reference!!!!!

Great photo - that another thing I simply *must* plant more of ...

I love these sweet flowers. I wish they grew here....

Ahh! Perfection!

Oh just got your first snowbell? Ours were here and gone a month ago! Literally peeked up through one of the last snows.

Love the photos, the sentiment and that is one of my favorite songs!

Margene, that's a lovely spring photo! What a nice song to have playing in my head.

Love it! When I was a little girl we had a tiny bed of those outside of our front door, and I can remembernhow excited we were when they would arrive!

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