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Saturday was the day I gave the Haruni ShawlRav_linkredyarnball to Margaret. As an unexpected gift should be, it was a complete surprise, and seeing the shock on her face turn to joy, gave me a gift in return (oh, and the hug!). We were together for the next couple of hours and she wore it regally.


Margaret is Suzy's Mom, which means friendship from Margaret has been given twice over, squared if you will. She knew Suzy would love knitting socks, she knew Suzy would like my blog, and she knew Suzy and I would be fast friends. She knows everything, except how deserving she is of this gift.


Knitting this shawl, with this beautiful yarn, for a beautiful person, was a joy, but seeing it wrapped around her shoulders, with a smile on her face, was all that mattered.
Raveled hereRav_linkredyarnball


What a lovely gift - both the shawl itself and the time you invested in making it.
Lucky Margaret!

That is beautiful, and I admire your willingness to give a shawl away! It's a wonderful gift, and it souns like it is well deserved.

Absolutely Beautiful, Margene, the shawl and your words.. and gifting. xox

Lovely all around!

Love it! I am sure she does too.

Beyond beautiful for a myriad of reasons!

Not only is the shawl beautiful and perfect - the story is even better. I'm all choked up imagining how she felt when she received such a wonderful gift of love.

It is absolutely gorgeous, and I know it will be a very treasured gift.

So beautiful, and so true. As time goes on, I find even more enjoyment creating for those dear to me.


Wow, what a gorgeous red shawl.... and it looks so beautiful against the gray rocks!

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