Knitting Awn-Wee


Mother Nature was a tease all weekend with every form of spring cuisine. She dished up rain, snow (at higher elevations), cold, and sprinkled in a little sun.  It feels like spring is in the air because the weather is ever changing, which is the truth nature of spring. 


Sunday I decided to take a peek into the little flowerbed in front of our home. The only thing visible, except for last years debris, was a tiny hint of green from the woodruff ground cover. There is nary a speck of anything poking through the soil, which makes me a little sad, as I planted snow drops and crocus bulbs last fall. 


As I stood and looked around the neighboring flower beds I spotted something worth investigating.  Can you see it, right there, across the street? That little bit of a glow?  Off I trotted to see if I was imagining it. 


Can you see it now? There!  Surely it's not a trick of nature or an errant bloom?  It IS a golden glow!  Several bunches of gloriously golden flowers are coming up in front of the neighbors house!

Since there is such a profusion of the "about ready to bloom" little darlings, I think this is a true sign that spring will come.  Spring is just around the corner, but it's March, so hang onto your hat! 


Oooh, pretty! Love that happy color. I'll be looking for snowdrops in my ravine soon.

We still have a lot of snow so it will be a little while before we see peeks of color.

Here it looks like spring today but the thermostat read -9C this morning,,,

We're in mid-blizzard up here. *sigh*

Don't worry about your crocus yet - the ones that are blooming now are the early "snow crocus" - the regular crocus will be a while yet. There's still hope!

You have keen eyes!

We had 4" of snow overnight, with more on the way. *sniffle*

Oh, let's hope it comes soon!

I found crocus in bloom in my yard yesterday and it made me happy. I'm loving March this year!

Nary a bloom here. We still have a lot of snow cover. Soon.....

I love seeing the first crocus blooms. Here in east central IL, everything is muddy and brown. I'm hoping to see crocus soon!

Crocus are wonderful, aren't they? So simple and so lovely. And they pop up just when you most need a sign of spring!

That IS a sign of hope ! And you know more to come soon.

Pretty! So far, I've seen only one!

Sigh. So pretty. I feel the spring, and my class was sent in from recess in the raining ice. Maybe I need to buy flowers on my way home!

I hope your bulbs wake up soon. Or do you think they were eaten by squirrels or something? O.o

Crocus!!! We have them, too!!!! Isn't it exciting?????????????????????????????

I am SO ready for spring! I think I'm going to have to go out and buy myself a bunch of tulips or daffodils or something, because there's no sign of anything springing (ha!) from the ground yet...

What a glorious sight...hope "springs" (no pun intended!) eternal! Enjoy!!!

You are so much farther along. We have nary an inch of exposed soil so far.

ooh - the first blooms of the season are always such a welcome sight. Those are stunning!

Beautiful flowers. I finally took pity on my poor garden (which I've neglected terribly for the last couple of years) and planted around 100 bulbs last fall, which are starting to come up. Thank goodness: with the winter we've all had, we could use some color! Happy almost spring, Margene.

Ah,yes...the crocus (crocii??). They are especially lovely peeking up through the snow, truly the promise of spring.

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