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Spring, Where Art Thou?

"Spring" is getting to me.  It's not that I expect March to be winter free, but I did expect a few days of sun.  Just a day here and there, warm enough to open windows, to hear the bird song, and see sunshine on the new flowers.   It's snowing and, I confess, I'm allowing it to bug me. 

Here I am, in the midst of bad weather, wishing my life away!  I am not going with the process of life or accepting what IS now.  I am bugged, and I do not feel happy. It is not right and I must get my head in a better place.

This morning an email came from a blogreader and it almost made me cry. She let me know that one of my blog posts had helped her and, while knowing that certainly made me feel good, her words also brought me up short.  Her note reminded me to respect every day as part of the process of life and, by wishing for something different, I have been wishing my life away.  She helped me change my mindset, or at least, start the process of change.

The snow is quite beautiful if I look and ponder. It slowly falls in a wintry mix too wet to stick to anything.  That's the's a spring snow shower and it won't amount to much.  I must not allow it to get to me and I should appreciate today for what it is, which is as much a part of my life as the sunny, warm days I crave. They will come. 


I think it's funny that this year, for a change, March isn't bothering me but rather it's bothering you. Here's to accepting each day for what it holds for us!

I'm in the same boat as you are. I've given up on March and am holding out hope for April! But you're right. It's best not to wish our lives away...

This is such a hard time of year for me, too. It's pouring rain today, which is supposed to turn to snow. Most of the snow has melted, so all the uck hidden in the snow is now exposed. No grass or leaves are growing. All is dreary and dark.

Um. I hope you didn't need cheering up - I haz cheering up fail!

I'm sorry spring is not coming through with at least a few days of sun for you. I wish I could share some of ours with you. I know we could really use the moisture. There have already been several wild fires - awful early in the season for that to be starting!

Here's to better days ahead!

Do you have some lovely tea with a word in its name or fragrance or color that you could breathe in -- to combat this gloom? xo!

March is so fickle! Love to you, and warm sunny wishes (real or otherwise).

Yeah, but you know, if you can't bitch about the weather....! I think there's a difference between general grousing and wishing your life away. I don't think you do the latter!

I'm trying to enjoy our spring and not focus on the miserable summer ahead!

And here I am annoyed that it is NOT snowing. We have had tons of sun and lots of warm temps here - we just need to trade for a day or two!

I often find March to be difficult. When we're ready for CHANGE (be it seasons or circumstances or . . . shoes) we just want to reach out and make it happen! It's disappointing when the change is a long time coming. So glad you're embracing a new perspective. The snow IS beautiful. (And as long as it's not sticking, it's sure to be short-lived.) Come on, Spring! We're ready, here!

Snowball fights! Snowmen! Snow Angels! Hot cocoa after you come in from the cold! Warm woolie sweaters and mittens!*

Is that cheering you up? :-)

*Sort of sounds a little like a Rodgers and Hammerstein tune, right?

OK, grrl. Have a stomp and a scream and then see if you can let it go. We are allowed an occasional hissy-fit, too. Hugs.

Wisdom hard to embrace, but wisdom, nonetheless. I always think about how thirsty the plants are, and any precipitation will slake the thirst of their roots, and make the early season grow well and strong.

Otherwise, one goes nuts.

Sometimes we need reminders from others to truly see how lucky we are. I keep thinking that all the rain and squish means no more drought, but it is a struggle when it won't stop raining.


It's pretty sunny now!

We are having a lovely spring day here in Eugene, sending lots of sunshine your way!

I actually didn't mind the light snow we had today - it was kind of nice during my lunchtime walk. And now it's sunny!

Well, I could give you a call so you could hear the bird song...I know just how you are feeling as we have had much the same weather here all month. I have found constructive things to do but still wish for some sun and the ability to shed a layer or so of clothing.

It's been an odd March, but we've not had a major inversion problem, so I reflect on that as I wait for spring. It frustrates me when I allow the weather control over my emotions at times! Hang in there!

We're having a crappy March. Just this week there have been thunderstorms, warm, balmy weather, a freakin' hailstorm, and today, snow. It could be a little less schizophrenic...just sayin'... LOL!

I think it's been hard this year - even for those of us who really love the winter. We're looking at yet another snowstorm here this weekend, and it is hard to stay positive when what you want to be doing is playing outside!

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