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Spinning Round

Ever since my room has been organized and cleaned out, the spinning wheels have been calling more frequently. However, there are several bins of fiber hiding in the closet, along with a basket of fiber beside each wheel.  Both wheels have projects in, in other words, there is plenty of fiber in this house to spin.

But...big BUT, I'm dying to get my hands on some of Joan's fiber.  Joan opened the Cupcake Fiber Company (with a little egging from Cookie) a couple of months ago and I've been haunting her Etsy shop ever since. 

When I first stepped back into spinning I decided to just spin, not worry about quality, and to get the feel of spinning a yarn, any yarn. In hindsight, smaller quantities of fiber may have been easier and would have given me a quick sense of accomplishment.


The fiber on my cherry Schacht, Corina, is giving me fits as it really doesn't know what it wants to be and, at this point in time, I just want it to be done.  I'm tired of it's fuzziness, it's grayness, tired of IT in general.  There isn't much more to go before I can ply it into a mess of yarn.  I could give the whole thing a chuck, but I'm determined to see the finish line. Corina and I will "just do it".


On the other hand, I'm quite happy with the project on my Lendrum, Emmylou. We're spinning for the Cuppa Joe Mitts from the Ennea Collective. Anne's article on how to spin for the mitts was quite thorough, although I'm very sure my yarn will not look as good as hers.  One bobbin is finished and I'm working on the second. The Fiber Optic's pin-drafted roving has been a pleasure to spin as the preperation is lovely.

But, back to Joan's fiber....her fiber will be my reward for finishing the projects on both wheels.  It's crazy to buy more fiber when I already have so much but, I will allow myself to buy one thing from Joan when both wheels are empty.

However, that may not be as easy as it sounds. 

She has so many choices!  The trio sets are so enticing! Just think of how cute barber-poled socks would be.  She also has bamboo blends, silk blends BFL or merino blends!  And, I haven't even talked about color choices.  I'm all in a tizzy over what I want.  Hopefully, by the time I've attained my goal I'll have made a decision. Or you will have emptied her shop.


Just to goad you to the finish line - Joan's Cupcake batts are SUBLIME. I've spun and plied one batch, have another upstairs, and one more in the mail. Can't wait to get it and may have to give away everything else in order to keep spinning Joan's batts.

Sounds like a most excellent tizzy to be in, my friend ;)

(Smile)----it's a good thing there's so much time for thought and meditation while one spins, huh?

We both wrote about spinning today! I want some Cupcake Fiber, too, but I told myself I had to hold off until I finished spinning all my bags of Hello Yarn Fiber Club. I have 6 left.

Go Margene Go!

I am sure the lovely reward will make you clear those wheels in no time at all :)

I LOVE the fiber you are spinning on Emmylou. :-)

Um, yeah, I still hear "Lalalalalalalala" when there's talk of spinning. I am very happy to see other folks doing it, though with my own daughter poking in the ribs with a spindle now and then (she really wants to learn... with me!), I don't know how much longer I'll remain uninitiated. Anyway, oh my goodness, how I love the fiber you're working for Cuppa Joe! You might considering setting aside the other for even a bit longer -- March + Gray = Not-So-Great!

Beautiful! That gray Corina would make a lovely cowl. And what cheerful mitts you will have. Just keep spinning, just keep spinning, spinning, spinning...

I love that Cupcake Fiber concept. I have WAY more fiber than I need, though. Still, perhaps as a reward for finishing something... you have planted a seed, darn it!

Thank you for introducing me to Cupcake Fiber. It all looks so beautiful!

Hee hee - I placed an order this morning!

Ooh, that yarn on emmylou really is spinning up beautifully! I definitely think some of Joan's fiber is an excellent reward.

Winter is just not the right time for spinning grey fiber. I'm glad the other fiber you're spinning is at least colorful!

I totally hear you. I too am trying to spin down my club fibers before the start of the Spring sheep and woolies. Love, love your FiOp roving! Such a beautiful color.

I'm in a similar place with the Cupcake Fiber - I keep looking at it (and being severely tempted!) while trying to finish up the blue BFL currently occupying the Louet :o)

Thank you! xo

I was reading along and then got completely stuck by my ticked funny bone at the idea of Cupcake Fiber with the help of Cookie.... Clearly I'm going to have to come back to actually read this when my giggles have subsided! (grin)

Sometimes the best fun is deciding. :)

And PS - YES your fiber for the mitts will still look fantastic, no matter what. There. I said it.

I bought some as soon as she opened her shop. My problem is the same as yours though, I have other projects to finish first. The fiber is absolutely beautiful.

Such a conundrum!!! Good for you. Spinning and a project in mind. WOW. You're my hero. I just sit and spin and look at my Cupcake Fiber Co. teal/gray roving while I finish things up;-D

I agree with Chris. I think this is a hard time of year to be spinning the gray. I hope you finish it all soon.

You'll love the CupcakeFiberCo batts. They are so smooth and wonderful to spin. Joan really has the touch when it comes to making batts.

xo folks amaze me...LOL!

I really didn't need to know of another crackfiber dealer, TYVM.

Oh, how I want to place an order! Alas, discretionary spending is on total hold at the moment. BUT as soon as that changes I will have my ordering finger at the ready. That stuff is gorgeous and I cannot wait ti get my hands on some.

Sounds like a fabulous reward! I'm certainly enjoying my return to the wheel and I've been admiring those kits popping up around blog land! Can't wait to see what you choose.

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