Saturday Sky


The effort of refocusing has also included spinning.  It isn't acceptable to allow my poor wheels, Miss Emmylou and dear Corina, to sit and gather cobwebs. Spinning was tearing through Blogland in 2005 and many bloggers bought wheels (if they didn't have one already). 

My first spinning tool (I caved in 2006) was a spindle and I figured if I could spin on it, and enjoy the process, buying a wheel would be worthwhile. I bought Emmylou in 2007 and there have been times I've questioned the sanity of spinning, of owning a wheel, and of continuing the process but, when it gets right down to it, spinning is a craft I enjoy.


Shortly after I finished the Sunset Roving I turned, with concerted effort, to the gray batt.  The fuzziness made tearing into strips difficult, as the fiber wondered in every direction. To help with this annoying problem, I tamed it (to some degree) by pulling the strip through a diz. The day I finished spinning the second bobbin was a very happy day.


Plying took a days of extra focus but, while working through the process I could see, right through the fuzzy halo, the beauty of the yarn and its elegant sheen. I washed the yarn in hot water and agitated it just a bit. Oh the dirt! The yarn softened and kept its glow, as the water turned black with filth.  The sleeping beauty awakens.

This yarn has a future as something more.


Simply gorgeous! Congratulations on seeing the process through to the end...or is it just the beginning?

When it comes right down to it, spinning is by far my favorite craft because it is the only place where I allow myself to fully relax, enjoy the process and not worry about being perfect.

Your yarn is lovely!

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