It was a Dark and Dreary Night

Perfection Continued

Thank you for your kind and generous birthday wishes. You made a perfect day even more perfect. I feel truly blessed to have many wonderful friends both IRL and virtual. Thank you!

The fabulous, fun weekend continued through yesterday as Cheryl, her hubby L., Smith and I headed to Silver Fork for breakfast.  A few snow flurries made it seem like winter, even though the temperatures were more like spring. 

Can you see my cool mitts? Cheryl knit them using Sherpherd's Wool and Susan's pattern.  They're warm, soft, and cushy perfection!  We were so happy to have be in the mountains and can't wait to go back, whether rain or shine.

The afternoon was spent with the calming relaxation technique of knitting and movie watching as the day was rather gray. And then, the doorbell rang and a package appeared on the doorstep (my postman only rings once).

I'd been forewarned of a conspiracy between Cookie and Joan, and while I already had already seen what Joan had up her sleeve, I was utterly shocked to find a beautiful shawlRav_linkredyarnball, a big beautiful shawl, tucked inside the package from Cookie. 

(click for a better view)

I have been verklempt all weekend, because of the generosity of friends, and as I wrapped the shawl around me I nearly burst into tears.  Joan's handspun and Cookie's shawl, made from handspun, have made this a birthday to remember.  I feel humbled and very, very loved.  Right after the shawl arrived the sky cleared and the sun broke through.  Cookie has the power to bring sunshine into my life, just as Joan did.  They are quite the duo.


That's fantastic and a wonderful gift of love. The color is perfect for you, too!

Absolutely beautiful!..A treasure no doubt~

Well, that's just lovely. What a great photo of you and Cheryl -- it makes me smile (and want to be there!).
; )


I'm so glad you liked it. I knew I had to knit that pattern for you as soon as I saw it, and that yarn always screamed your name.


Those mitts look perfect... and the shawl! I have no words. You are loved. :)

Hi! I'm delurking to ask a Utah question...

I'm going to be in your neck of the woods next week for a conference, and I looked up the Silver Fork Lodge when you mentioned it. Did the chef follow through on the gluten free promise? (I'm in the same GF boat.) And do you think it's worth the drive from Sundance (only looked like about a half hour). Just wondering, and it's always best to ask a local! Thanks!

What wonderful gifts! That shawl is exquisite. I do love Shepherd's wool. Stonehedge Fiber Mill, where they make it is about a 20 minute drive from my summer place in Michigan. I love to go there to play with (okay, and especially to buy) the beautiful yarns. Debbie gave us a tour of the mill, and it only made me want to get more.

Such happy pictures! xo

Leave it to Cookie & Joan to know how to make a day special!

Gorgeous shawl! What a beautiful and special gift. :)

happy birthday, margene! looks like you got lots and lots of love! i'm jealous of your shawl :)

They are definitely a great pair!
Gorgeous shawl! Can't wait to see it.

How beautiful! You will be well wrapped in love. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday, with a whole weekend of delight.

And, I cannot imagine a more deserving recipient!

Wow! What lovely surprises!

How cool is that!!!! What a perfect way to celebrate. :-)

Wow, that shawl is breath taking and the color is really all Margene, you are very lucky to have such friends and I love the photo of you with Cheryl you both look so very happy! Hugs.

Shazam! That's fantastic. You are totally worthy of such spoilage, dear. :)

Gorgeous! Just how your birthday should be!

Happy Belated Birthday, Margene!!!
I read it on another blog? but forgot to send a wish when I got to yours. I can see you had a great weekend. So Glad, and the sky approved, too. Ours are continually "white". Maybe that's why I never liked the color - white.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

What a wonderful gift! The shawl is beautiful, and I love your modeling pose. :-)

Wow, what a great gift.

Late happy birthday wishes from me!

The mittens look very cosy and the shawl is absolutely beautiful. You are a lucky girl, to have such generous and loving friends.

Belated birthday wishes! And really, aren't birthdays really about celebrating our life which includes all our friends and family that make it joyful?! Looks like you've got that part down. Enjoy!

Just oh dear mercy, love the photos, you and Cheryl :^) and you and the Cookie shawl! just has me smiling big time. Yes, Joan and Cookie, they do great things individually but manOman, when those two get together? Absolute Greatness. xox

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