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It's March, Baby

After reading several Ten on Tuesday posts I wish I'd participated Carole's theme for the first day of March.  Many participates said they didn't really care for March because of the mud, blackened snow, more snow and March is, well...not April. 


However, I'm a big fan of March because it's the beginning of days like this (March came in like a lamb!).


And, it's the beginning of patio time! Four square feet of sun translates to time in my favorite lawn chair. Within a 30 minute time span the sun had moved on, but it was still 30 minutes more than I had yesterday!  Soon there will be birds chirping non-stop, the first flowers will be pushing their way through the earth, and the days will be warmer and longer.  In the mean time, I understand snow is in our forecast.  It is March and I love it in all its incarnations.  Everyday is different, everyday is a new adventure, everyday is one step closer to summer. Bring it on!


Supposed to be another beautiful day, like yesterday. Someone ought to make a rule that we have all such days off! We could all use a little warmth!

Hear, hear! I took my students to the park yesterday afternoon. Such fun to watch 6th graders dropping their "maturity" to play and tag and enjoy the promise of spring.

Love each different month and different day. I think I would get bored if it was the same no matter what. March is tough, I thought of three reasons and gave up.

The best part about March is that it means that February is over...

Again I am with you, I love March and don't appreciate all this bad talking about our month! :)

March came in like a lamb here in Ohio, too, after February left in a huff of ice, blizzard conditions, tornadoes and flooding (all in a four-day period). I'm glad you can start having patio time in March. For us, it's usually not till late April or early May.

I'm learning to love March because of you. And we've had melting snow. AND yesterday I found daffodil shoots pushing up! Hooray!!

Hooray for sunshine!

March in Houston means pollen. Doesn't bother me very much, but my husband will be miserable. I'm just happy when the sun is shining and it isn't too hot. It won't stay so nice as the 90's will be here before we know it.

I love March, too! Goodbye to winter! Even when we get snow, it won't stay around long.

Yesterday was so amazing that I don't even really mind that it will snow tonight!

Patio time sounds lovely. An excellent thing to look forward to.

I'm anxiously awaiting deck time. It is still too dark when I get home(ergo, too chilly) for me to sit out. And, yes, March is the beginning of wonderfulness weatherwise. Happy Hump Day!!!

I'm liking that the sun is now strong enough to melt the snow, even if the temps are below freezing.

I love March, too! But maybe it's because we don't have any mud here.

March is a turning-point month, and slightly fickle, but it definitely has its fine points! (Mud not being one of them. . .) Happy March, Margene!

I saw a robin on our back fence this morning, and started thinking happy thoughts of spring. It's warm and sunny these days, and while I know it won't last, I'm enjoying it while I can.

To me, March is sort of like November -- a transition month -- it can be fabulous and it can really suck, but it is what it is and where would we be without it???

I love March, too. Daffies are coming up, I can't wait to see them and my other bulbs bloom. I say this every year - creation is coming back to life and it'll be beautiful. Happy March!

March on Vancouver Island has come in like a roaring lion - ferries and schools cancelled due to very high winds. However, March is a 'change-around' month. Old Man Winter finally gets his walking papers in March! Peg

Thank you for the lovely tribute to March. Usually it's one of my least favorite months, but this year I've heard so many "winter-lovers" and people who are just celebrating more sunshine---all speaking up----I like it better too. Thank you all for your optimistic take on things.

Wonderful post!

March is when things start waking up everywhere. Who doesn't love that?

I thought of your love of March this evening. I got home from work at about 5:20 and was pleased that it was light and warm enough to throw snowballs for the dogs for a while!

March isn't fun in New England...usually cold, raw, damp, etc. - thanks for making me see the up side of March...longer daylight and promises of better things to come!

No matter how unpredictable, March does mean spring!

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