Just Another Monday

First of all, my Millie (and the other chickengrrls) wants to say "hello!".  They have felt a little neglected and wanted to make sure I knew they were still photogenic enough for a knitting blog. I assured them they were.

Isn't she a pretty redhead?

The weekend was the usual back and forthing between spring and winter (sprinter), and with several blue sky moments it was hard to complain (much). Saturday, and Sunday both, I was able to take a walk and see my favorite view. The only difference between them was a pure white mountain on Sunday.

Saturday's sky was amazing

Spring is trying with all her might to beat out winter and she's leaving tell-tail signs everywhere.  While walking I heard the sounds of children playing outdoors and their joyful shouting made me smile. Various bird songs (including a red-winged blackbird!), reminded me mating season may already be in full swing.  Trees are starting to leaf and blossom. Soon the little birds will have privacy for their homes and babes.


Daffodils, jonquils, violets and an occasional tulip, have started their spring show.  Nothing can stop the signs, even though, the next day everything was covered with snow.  Recovery is quick.


Just yesterday I noticed that a neighbor's apricot tree is in full bloom. Pretty!

Pretty! I finally have a blooming crocus and the tulips and daffodils are on its tail!

Oh, yes, chicken girls, you are so awesomely photogenic. You are SO FAR ahead of us springwise we can't even see your exhaust. *pout*

I have a whole bunch of hyacinths, tulips, daffodils blooming now! In a v.a.s.e. Better than nuthin'. The sun is wonderful too. Pretty photos.

Beautiful grrls! Such fun to hear the morning chorus of birds. I forgot how much I enjoy it! I hope you will be seeing that Utah Blue with greater frequency.

It's so good to see Millie again. You have tulips? Not yet here. Spring will come, but Mother Earth's birthing pains are killers this year!!!!

Oh, my....... I have missed Sandy's Saturday Skies!

Barbara M.

Yay for the first signs of spring. Nothing here yet.

Oh, wow! Your trees are way ahead of ours! It's so hard to be patient and wait for spring to truly arrive, isn't it? Love your gorgeous ChickenGrrls!

OMG - I didn't knit a chicken that looked like Millie. I'll have to go back into my stash and look for some rust colored worsted weight yarn. I think Millie deserved to be immortalized as an Easter Egg Cozy. ; )

Hai Grrls!

From what I've seen of the weather reports, spring is going to be hitting us hard this week. Still not sure what I think of that. :?


Seven of your chicken grrls' redheaded Scottish cousins are supplying the eggs for a few of our breakfasts this week! XO

Chickens are everywhere, it seems! Relatives and coworkers have popped up with coops this spring! Some lovely blue sky in between rain showers today, and even a little sun. Spring is definitely on it's way here.

This is one year I will be soo grateful to finally see spring win out! I hope you are getting lots of eggs still; we have been fortunate in our abundance this winter, and I have been selling a few extra dozen a week!

Spring is losing the battle here, at least for another week. The woodstove continues to burn!

Hiya chickengrrls! The bugs will be back soon for your palate pleasure!

Hi there Millie! Enjoy the spring sunshine whenever you can. (And tell the people who feed you to do the same.)

Millie IS a stunning redhead! I am partial to that color I must say. :-)

Spring? What's that?

Your good friend Margene must know someone who will dye yarn in your colors. You'd make a great colorway.

Yes, the grrrls are beautiful and Millie is truly a most gorgeous redhead!
ahhh, lovely signs of Spring, redwinged blackbirds may just be my all time favourite :^)

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