Spring, Where Art Thou?

It's Yarn!


This simple little skein was created with more thought to the process than to grist. The yarn has a rustic quality but, tucked within the strands, is a touch of elegance. As Susan would say, it has "moments of brilliance".

The main focus was to spin, become reacquainted with the process and, in the end, enjoy a finished product. I accomplished just that and I am so please with my simple skein. It's around 260 yds, mostly a DKish weight and it's soft, soft, soft. At this time I'm just going to admire and appreciate it for what it is...a piece of simple rustic art.


This year I like to learn to make better yarn, not necessarily perfect yarn. I'd like to see where the process takes me, and how my view of it changes, as I find my way back. A skein of yarn can be the end result or the beginning of something else. The possibilities are limitless.


Beautiful! Your picture and words make me want to run to my wheel. But work is waiting. Sigh! Never mind, it is almost weekend. Happy spinning!

Lovely, lovely yarn.

Just absolutely beautiful.

It's beautiful yarn.

It's just beautiful! Congrats on such a beautiful skein!

It's funny...spinning is the one place I let myself relax w/o worrying about being perfect in a technical sense. Several times I've thought about learning how to be more technical/push my skills...but I always come back to the simple fact that I need it to remain what it is.

What a lovely skein! The colorway is fabulous and this nonspinner thinks it's wonderfully spun.

Beautiful yarn, and wonderful goals for spinning.


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