Spring, Where Art Thou?

It's Yarn!


This simple little skein was created with more thought to the process than to grist. The yarn has a rustic quality but, tucked within the strands, is a touch of elegance. As Susan would say, it has "moments of brilliance".

The main focus was to spin, become reacquainted with the process and, in the end, enjoy a finished product. I accomplished just that and I am so please with my simple skein. It's around 260 yds, mostly a DKish weight and it's soft, soft, soft. At this time I'm just going to admire and appreciate it for what it is...a piece of simple rustic art.


This year I like to learn to make better yarn, not necessarily perfect yarn. I'd like to see where the process takes me, and how my view of it changes, as I find my way back. A skein of yarn can be the end result or the beginning of something else. The possibilities are limitless.


The wisest words you've ever written: "A skein of yarn can be the end result or the beginning of something else." So true and so important! Happy spinning! Oh, and your yarn is lovely.

Looks better than simple and rustic to me. Nice plying twist!

What a perfect attitude and goal! I know nothing about spinning -- it's all a mystery to me (and I aim to keep it that way!) -- but that yarn looks just lovely. Stunning color. A true work of art.

Like Kym, I find the process of spinning fascinating, but it's not something I'm prepared to learn how to do at this point in my knitting career. That skein looks very nice - looks as soft as you say it feels and I love the color. Glad you are pleased with it.

Nice twist, Margene!

Lovely! That would make a most beautiful pair of mitts or cowl.

Wow, impressive and gorgeous!

Oh SO Pretty!

Beautiful, but the true excitement comes (for me) thinking of the potential in that unknitted product. I love yarn even more than the end result.

LOL, maybe I just need to become a better knitter!

Very poetic, that yarn is both an end and a beginning! That is amazing yarn, Margene!

It is a thing of beauty in itself.

Oh my....the color is just so beautiful!!!

It came out SO pretty! YAY YOU!

It is gorgeous! I'm getting the chance to learn to spin next week - so excited! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Gorgeous! And such a nice contrast to the snow that's falling here...

Love the color. I've been spinning since 1973, and, while I can make "perfect" yarn, it is too tedious, and hurts my hands. I make "Laura" yarn, and it's beautiful in its rusticity. I think you're right - the process is just as fulfilling as the end result!!

So pretty and what a great idea :o)

I love the color! You could drape it on your coffee table and just admire it!

Very pretty!

Beautiful! I love the not-quite-marled-ness of it.

What a rich yarn! I appreciated your words as well as your talented spinning! Thanks you.

I think it's beautiful! Wow! I am just this week rediscovering my spinning wheel and fiber and I am not to your level yet, but I am practicing! I just watched Judith MacKenzie's DVD 'The Gentle Art of Plying' and now I am reinspired to practice, take classes and really find my inner spinner! I don't think I realized at the time, but I think it was your recently blogged gifts from friends, and Carole's recent blog pictures of her spinnning weekend that got me back to my wheel. As always, I so enjoy the inspiration from all the great fiber bloggers I know! Thanks for sharing!

Well done! It's lovely.

Oh, will I ever spin like you? :) The yarn is gorgeous! I'm brand new at this...and I'm struggling to say the least. I know that it's practice, practice, practice...I'm definitely a work in progress, but I am determined - thanks to you!

Your last 2 sentences say it all. :-) Gorgeous skein!

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