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It was a Dark and Dreary Night

Susan brought a big bag full of Trader Joe's gluten free goodies back from her recent trip to Vegas.  We do not, and will not ever, have a Trader Joe's, which makes the gift all the better.  I'm eating Roasted Seaweed Snacks and they're quite good.  Norma should approve. 

Speaking of Norma...she's doing the Couch to 5K thing.  I'm impressed, awed, and wondering if I should do something, too.  I'm not sure jogging would be good for my body.  I have no desire to run, or even jog, but the brisk walk sounds good. Maybe I can do it.  

This morning I woke at 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I started my walked at 4:00am and the moon kept me company, as it peeked through the clouds. Every morning I walk about 2 miles. Walking at a brisk pace, in intervals, made my walk more interesting and, actually, fun. Norma may be on to something.  I didn't see the usual suspects, who are up and about 5:00am (my usual walking time), because by then I was back inside spinning (plying)!  Getting up in middle of the night may be the secret to getting more done in a day. (yawn)


Today is rainy and dreary and we may not see much of the sun this week (one reason I have no knitting progress pictures).  The last sunny day, which was Saturday, Max and I enjoyed time on the patio.  I've heard black stone massages are quite the rage, and Max makes sure to enjoy his doggy spa as often as possible.


OMG! I haven't even read this whole post, I didn't get past the seaweed snacks. I LOVE THEM! What do you like, I can get you stuff tomorrow, I'll be stopping at TJ on my way home from somewhere.

I already regret not buying more of those gingersnaps. Yum!

That's pretty early to get up but I suppose getting up is better than lying in bed being unable to sleep. I can send you stuff from Trader Joe's anytime.

I love that picture of Max! :)

Gah, I can't even imagine being up and functioning that early - you go!!

I'm with Max...I'd like to go for a spa treatment!

The only problem with getting up early is the getting tired early part. But, don't you get bunches done!! I love Trader Joe's and am so sorry you don't have one. Such great stuff! And, that pic of Max is adorable. Those stones are smooth and warm and must feel wonderful. Happy St. Pat's day, grrl!!!

Oh how I miss some of Trader Joe's products.

Did you know it is a most successful company? read about them in Fortune magazine while waiting somewhere.

Getting up that early AND staying up only works if there's a nap or two, I think.

Today we have sun. Then it's a week of rain. I love March.


What a perfect way to start the day -- walking AND spinning. :-) I love Max's "sun spot." Looks so wonderfully warm and relaxing.

Love Max's dog spa! Lucky pup.

Norma might think Pilates is boring, but I DON'T.

OK, if you like seaweed snacks, you would like kale chips. And you can make them from kale fresh from the garden! So yummy and easy!

Take the rib of the washed (and patted or spun dry) kale leaf.

Brush with olive oil. Salt as much or little as you want.

Put in a 350 degree oven until it's crispy (between 5 and 10 minutes).

Eat it like potato chips, but feel more virtuous.

I seem to have lost all desire for running since my allergy diagnosis. I know I need to get back to it...but it just seems to be too much right now.

I saw a comment on gluten free gingersnaps. In case anyone is interested, I adapted a recipe for gluten free gingersnaps that is pretty tasty. Actually they're completely grain and dairy free.

If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to be more generous with the maple syrup than I was, and definitely add the cloves, they spice them up more.

Don't stress about running, it just wrecks your joints and increases cortisol levels. Walking, however, is great.

Aww, what a cutie that Max is. I've been slowly integrating more running with walking- I'm up to 4.82 miles now, starting from barely anything in January. You can do it, just keep adding one more block on each week. Slow and steady!

I'm with you on the running, as it is probably not a great idea for me. I'm glad the brisk intervals livened up your walk. that's how those stone massages work.


The gingersnaps were awesome. They'll definitely be on my shopping list next time I go to LV.

Trader Joe's, we don't have one either.. have they boycotted Utah and Oklahoma? ;^)
I'm a walker, my knees have requested no more running for them please.

TJs...I miss them. Idaho will not be getting one any time soon either. Something about warehouses. Sadly, a lot of TJs Gf goodies are made with gluten free ingredients, but still share machinery. My girlfriend brought me back chocolate covered GF edamame and I got sick, sick, sick.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning. Tossed a bit, then put in a Barbara Kingsolver audio book and fell back asleep! I envy your early morning stroll.

No Trader Joes! Sorry to hear it. You can add me to the list of folks who'd happily send it to you. Although I have noticed that some of their stuff is made with gluten free ingredients but on shared equipment, it seems to me that their stuff is usually very specifically labeled to reflect that. It makes it so much easier for me to shop for our GF guests.

We're lucky enough to have TWO Trader Joe's, but they're always so crowded...we never go. I'm toying with that couch to 5k thing, but with the unreliability of Ohio weather, it makes me a bit nervous.

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