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Do you remember the last time you saw any knitting on this blog?  Knitting is happening, although I have not been sharing my progress.  I'm rather pleased with the results and the long-suffering Henley is on the verge of completion.  Each attempt at photographing the evidence has produced less than quality proof of life. However, you've already seen the beautiful blue fabric, with cabled twists and lacy bits, and it looks much the same.


The front, back and one sleeve needed to be shortened (by several inches) as they grew more than I'd expected when blocked. Ripping back nearly broke my heart but, it was therapeutic and the process of recreation put me back on track. This sweater may yet become a reality.

I've been working on breaking through this fog and ennui for a year and half.  Getting back to normal has been a roller coaster ride, a ride where what's coming can't be seen, and I've had to hang on and go where it takes me.  Forward movement has been in tiny steps. 

In some ways, I've been hard on myself and, in other ways, I've been self-indulgent.  Pushing oneself, asking a little more each day, can build character and strength. I haven't pushed, haven't asked for more and, because of that, I feel my growth has been slowed. 

Recently, I decided to make a renewed effort at focus.  I knew if I worked on this project, and no other, I could make progress and, while knitting has been very, very slow, focus has payed off.  Finally knitting of Henley is finished, the process of seaming and finishing will soon begin. You have no idea how good this feels.


Your perseverance is paying off in an oh so lovely way!

You are an inspiration, truly. I can't wait to see Henley and can imagine how you will feel when that last end is woven in and you try it on for the first time.

Woo Hoo! Congrats Margene! You are a wonderful inspiration to many of us! Focus is key and I need to adopt your attitude regarding my own knitting and WIP's. You go grrl!

Slow growth is still growth.
To put it in gardening terms, you probably needed a period of dormancy in order to build up for the next big burst of growth.
Just add water and sunshine, and you're ready to bloom.

Wonderful! Breakthroughs are so. . . satisfying! I'm betting this troublesome Henley is going to become a lovely symbol for you -- of perseverance, of carving your own way, of finding your cadence. I can't wait to see it on you!

I'm so glad you're working thru this year and the ups and downs so beautifully! And Henley will be gorgeous...perfect color for you!
(btw...I listed you as one of my Stylish Blogs - info over on mine...)

It's looking gorgeous! The ripping back can be painful but still a relief at making the decision and acting on it.

I know it's terribly frustrating to have such slow progress, but it -IS- progress. When you've got that beautiful sweater finished, I hope it makes your heart sing!

I am so so glad you are getting there. It's so hard to accept that progress is not a straight line. Hensley is gorgeous!!!!

It's about the focus and about the time. Our knitting will always show progress if we just put in the time. I hope you are enjoying Henley. I can't wait to see it finished!

Yay I am so happy for you!

That is a beautiful sweater!

It's gorgeous and will be stunning on you when it is finished--especially coupled with the look of satisfaction that will be evident on your face when you finally strike that pose in your new sweater! Onward and upward!

I love you so much. You describe inner stuff so well. Perhaps, as Gayle noted, like the little plants, you are emerging for Spring.

Like Gayle, I was thinking about the gardening analogy. The weather certainly isn't cooperative to counteract ennui, however!

Two silly movie characters - Bill Murry in What about Bob, "Baby steps to the elevator, Baby steps to the..." and Dorey in Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

I can't imagine ripping that one back. But you have such a good attitude. Oh those ripples are lovely!

YESSS!!! I knew you'd get this one on track again - it's GORGEOUS.

It is so worthwhile persevering on the Henley. It is so beautiful! I hope you'll enjoy wearing it for years!

Good on you!!!
You are a much stronger and braver person than me on soooo many different levels! I salute you!!
(Can't wait to see the finished product!!)

so glad you persevered! henley will be amazing.

I bet it feels great! Last weekend, I did a deep cleaning of my bedroom, hauling bags and boxes to goodwill and to the dumpster. It felt wonderful! Yes, utterly different than focusing on a single knitting project... yet it's one of the first signs of perhaps breaking out of my several years long ennui...

Wonderful! I'm excited to see the finished pictures. It really is beautiful now so I know it's going to be a treasure as a completed garment.

I'm so happy for you and proud of you.

Btw, people knit? o.O

Sounds like you are on the right track... health issues can take a long time to get back on track. I love the color and know you will love the success!

Congratulations! Gorgeous yarn + beautiful colour + great pattern. This must add up to a favourite sweater.

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