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Perfection Continued


Everyone on the planet should be as fortunate as I.  This long weekend was perfection. (I took Friday and Monday off...yay!)

Friday we spent the day running errands (to ensure the rest of the weekend was errand free), including reintroducing our poor shaggy heads to barber's shears. Can I tell you how much I love my new cut? A TON!  (I proudly wear my gray!)

We stopped by our favorite grocer (more errands) and, right on cue, they had daffodils on sale.  Our bedroom is now adorned with a big bouquet of yellow perfection.

Saturday turned out to be gray and dreary, with a spot of rain here and there, but the mail brought a big surpise, one I hardly feel I deserve, a beautifully blue handspun yarn from Joan!!  It was all I could do to keep from weeping when I opened the package.  It's handspun, folks! HANDSPUN and it's called UTAH SKIES! Handspun is perfection, no matter its flaws, and believe me, there are few flaws in this elegant yarn.

Joan also sent fluff (her goreous batts!), and chocolate, which I will show you later but, for the moment, I am blinded by the blue.

As if commanded by the Fairy God Knitter herself, the clouds were banished and the blue skies arrived with Sunday's dawn.  I wish I had Joan's power.


Yes, our sky really is that color and while Sunday was the only day to be beautifully blue, it was enough. 

Today we're venturing to Silver Fork, a place we once called our favorite spot. The owner promised he could safely make me a gluten free breakfast and I'm taking him at his word. I told you this weekend was perfection.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love the new 'do! Wishing you a day of happiness, Margene, and a zillion more!

Way to have "the blues" for your birthday! Have a happy day and wonderful new year!

Happy Birthday! xo!

Happy Birthday!!

Happiest of Birthdays to you, dear Margene! I'm so glad you had a perfect weekend. That's the Way It Should Be.

Happy birthday Margene!

Happy Birthday and thank you for the sky!

Happy, happy birthday. Looks like a great weekend. LOVE the new haircut.

Happy Birthday, Margene! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

Happy birthday! Joan's yarn is bluetiful!

Happy birthday, dear. What a wonderful weekend.

Your haircut looks perfect and your new blue yarn a perfection! :)

I hope you have the best happy day today:
Mazal Tov.

That's some yummy blue yarn. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday, dear friend! The yarn is gorgeous, and perfect for you.

Happy Birthday! The haircut looks awesome...

Oh, the hair! Oh, the yarn! Oh, the sky! Perfection abounds! Happiest of days!

Happy birthday!! I hope your breakfast is divine! :)

Happy Birthday Margene! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating. Enjoy all of your beautiful blues.

Oh and the new haircut? Gorgeous!

Love the cut and enjoy your birthday, dearheart!

Happy Birthday, and happy pi day - yes i am a nerd and know these things - trust dan to do you right, and enjoy your gluten free trip to silver fork - hope your day is wonderful. Steve says happy day as well

Happy Birthday, grrlfriend! Enjoy your day!!

Happy Birthday!!! Have a blast at Silver Fork!!!

Love your new haircut. :0)

Happy birthday! Glad you got some time off and were able to enjoy the mountains!

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