It was a Dark and Dreary Night
Spring, Where Art Thou?


Dressing up is a bore. At a certain age, you decorate yourself to attract the opposite sex, and at a certain age, I did that. But I'm past that age. ~ Katherine Hepburn

I could have smiled! 

It's Women's History Month and I'm following in Kym's footsteps by sharing some of my favorite quotes by women.


Why isn't there is a "like" button on blogs? :)

Dressing for comfort..not speed is my favorite attire~..And you look the scarf~
We've outgrown 'the dress to impress'

I love your expression!

Now, we just dress to suit ourselves;-P Who doesn't love Kate Hepburn? Happy Friday!!!!

I love this photo!

Perfect! Absolutely perfect!

Isn't wonderful to reach this place in our lives?? You look perfectly beautiful!!

Three of my favorite women mentioned in this post! You look marvelous.
; )

Kate was awesome! :)

Hmm. Are you humoring the photographer in that photo?

Priceless expression! Lol.

I realized yesterday, that my wardrobe consists entirely of jeans, t's and knitted items.

Neat photo - loved Kate :o)

Thanks goodness we are passed that age!!
and the photo - priceless!

My version of dress to impress is when someone compliments my knitting as amazing.

I love the quote! So true.

But you DO look dressed up with that fabulous lace piece!

Love the quote. And you still look great even with a serious look.

Doesn't our Terry know about the "Favorite" button? ;^)

Ha - I was looking for a "like" button, too.

That picture is hilarious. I don't know that I've ever seen quite that look on your face before!

The scarf looks very cozy...and I do love that quote!

Love this- the quote & the photo of you.Oh, and that scarf!

Wonderful! I think your expression punctuates the quote perfectly!

Lovely! You look fabulous, and I do appreciate the expression on your face :^)
Ahh, Kate. Miss her so much, she was always one of my very favourites. still is. xox

Love Kate's perspective.

What a great picture.

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