Friday Thougths
Two on Tuesday


Inspired by Amanda to share "either with words, photographs, or both" the weekend.

I'll give you the basic rundown:

walking just after sunrise, watching the sky change from shades of gray to pockets of blue
eating a lovely breakfast, cooked by Smith, with eggs from our chickengrrls
feeding and playing with the chickengrrls, Millie, MillieMillie, Sunflower, Irene, Jessy, Vanilla (and more)
rereading a good book
getting caught up in Super Bowl frenzy
buying ripe avocados for guacamole
watching a movie (Girl Who....)
chatting with grrlfriends
sipping a dark chocolate (soy) latte
watching football (first time in maybe ever)
eating guacamole and Smith's perfectly cooked ribs

(in other words, I forgot to blog)



Blogless weekending sounds wonderful!

It's okay to forget to blog if the reason is because you are having a great time living your life!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend of weekending.
; )

Sounds good to me!


Life precedes blogging..not even been reading blogs..due to dial up..but home for a few hours and wanted to stop in and say HI..and grant permission to only blog when you want:)..hugs

What a wonderful weekend! Mine consisted of power knitting, going to church and watching the game. Good things, all!

Sounds wonderful!

I knitted and had a dark chocolate soy latte, too! :)

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

Mmmmmm. I love guacamole. Sounds like a perfect weekend. :-)

I've noticed that too. When you're really living great, there isn't too much time to write about it. It sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Sometimes life is too wonderful to remember to blog. Your weekend sounds wonderful. We're in February. Winter is moving along now!!!!

Better to be living than blogging sometimes!

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