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Two on Tuesday

Since list making is not one of my usual tasks and I have trouble coming up with 10 of anything (except complaints), I rarely participate in Carole's Ten on Tuesday. Today is no exception.  I do love reading the list made by others and have picked up a few ideas for movies we need to see (or see again). 


Knitting has been sparse and the small project on my needles is secret (for the time being). However, I'm excited about it and about giving it as a gift. The color has been altered for reason I'll explain later.


I stopped by to see the chickengrrls yesterday and had the usual fun of petting and feeding each grrl in turn. Vanilla was the last to be tamed but, she always came for the treats and now puts up with a pet or two.  She sends a friendly hello to you all!


We could always do a ten on Tuesday of complaints - just for you!

Oh oh,,, I think that week will be full of non regular participants lists! :)

The color of your secret projects looks very promising indeed!

Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with 10 of Whatever, too. I like to think of the whole thing as a suggestion!

Note to self: Check on status of chickens in the (my) city.

Promising looking mystery knitting and a lovely little hen. Who doesn't have complaints? ;^)


Vanilla - love the name! Oddly, I think list making is getting harder and harder each week, LOL!

I love Vanilla because she is the last-to-be-tamed!

Vanilla has a wild heart! She's lovely.

But lists can be so much fun! (Says the OCD listmaker....)

ten? two?
just nice to "see" you!
Happy Tuesday, Margene!

Vanilla is a very pretty chicken. I'm not sure about Grover and chickens. I think it might be a problem, but I've always wanted a couple. Ah, well. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure that I've ever petted a bird.

I'm loving your chickengrrls! It looks like they're making it through the winter in fine form. Secret knitting is always a treat!

What a pretty chickie! I always love pics of the chickengrrls.

She looks smarter than the average chicken!

I love secret projects!

I just LOVE the chickens.

What kind of chicken is Vanilla? She looks like one of our Mystery Chickens. (They were supposed to be Buff Orpingtons, but clearly are not...)

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