Ahhh, I Needed That

It's About Time

It takes time to knit a beautiful pair of mittens.

It takes time to deal with life when it comes at you from all sides and Suzy's had more than her fair share lately.

It takes time to get two people together when the weather is cooperative, and. lately, the weather has been far from cooperative.

But, when things work like a waterclock, and everything falls into place, we get to show off how we spent our time. 

Suzy and I have new mittens!

It was a cold and sunny day, so we decided to go out and hug a tree.  We didnt care if the tree had a fungus (Smith's is turning all master gardener on us and told us it wasn't moss). The color was a spectacular backdrop for our lovely Clepsydra Mittens so we hugged away.

The yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Candied Yams and Steel Cut Oats, with black for the cuffs.  We both agreed it was fun to knit the pattern and the yarn, as the design flowed in a peaceful and easy way.


We knit our mittens independently, as there wasn't much time to get together. However, this pattern gave us hours of good entertainment and, even when we weren't knitting, we were talking about it.


We are both very happy with our lovely, warm and timeless mittens.
(The alpaca yarn we can live without.)

My mitten is Raveled hereRav_linkredyarnball, Suzy's is Raveled hereRav_linkredyarnball.

Kirsten has an eBookRav_linkredyarnball with both the Clepsydra mitten and the hat. The fun is not to be missed.

The time to knit mittens is over, thus ends Mitten Madness.


They are beautiful!

You both are beautiful! And so are the mittens. Those cables look almost like tree bark.

Love them!

It's very sweet that you knitted them independently, yet together. What's the next mitten pattern?

What beautiful pictures!

Lovely mittens, lovely photographs.

Oh pooh! We all get excited about mitten knitting and you quit! Once I solved my collar problem last week, and got the sweater together and blocked, I wanted to try some scandanavian mittens.

I tried. Maybe next year. Back to socks for me.

Gorgeous!! And I bet that tree has never felt so loved. ;)

Perfect backdrop for perfect mittens! I'm actually knitting this very pattern right now. Wish I could join you and Suzy around the fungus tree. . .

Seeing your mittens inspired me to cast on my own. I knit one of them a couple days ago, but now I have a terrible case of Second Mitten Syndrome...

Oh, they're both so lovely!

Beautiful mittens and a beautiful picture! Nicely done.

Lovely mittens! They are much more intricate than any mitten I have ever tried to knit, but they look like they would be toasty warm!
Congratulations to you and Susan on a great job.

They're very pretty!
Now why am I humming "Slip sliding away"...

Maybe we should go for the hat ;) ... would be toasty!

Cute! I do love that punch of orange.

I love them, they look so cheery and warm!

They came out SUPER - and that pattern is moving up the must-knit list!!

So pretty, and they look warm and cozy. Nicely done!

I love the photo shoot! You two are cute knitting friends!!

No more mittens? You naughty kittens!!!!

Beautiful! What a pair of pairs. YOu didn't like the alpaca part? To knit or to wear?

Fabulous mittens!

Please tell me there was hand and mitten washing after that photo shoot. o.O


oooh, they looks so soft and snuggly! Perfect for the winter walking.

Wow - what a happy post. Good friends. Good fiber. Good photos. Thanks for such an uplifting end to my day.

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