At the Same Time

Friday Thougths

1. I blatantly stole the title from Norma.

2. Norma finished a sweater, but I only have finished mittens.

3. Did you know you can listen to Bright Eyes new album on NPR until February 15th (the release date)?  It's good, very rockin'!

4. Like Norma I have no pictures today, but it is gray and cloudy.

5. At least it's not an inversion. 

6. We might get a little snow but, most of you are sick of snow, so I won't talk about it.

7. Is everyone excited about knitting through the Super Bowl?

8. I don't usually watch the game, but this year I'm rooting for the Packers.

9. It's solely because of Vicki

10. Smith is putting up grow lights and readying trays of dirt.

11. He's excited about starting a few early crops.

12. He's also planning what and when to plant in the garden.

13. Soon there will be seeds starts all over the house.

14. It's way cool to see him passionate about a hobby.

15. We knitters understand. Right?

Happy weekend everyone! 


Happy the Packers won!
Sleet here all weekend long...ugh...
Seeds...first signs of spring!

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